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Mysterious Mini Pyramid Discovered in China

China is not generally know for pyramids, so any discovery of one in that country is a mystery. When the pyramid is a fraction of the size of those in Egypt and dates to the prosperous Silk Road period, the mystery deepens. Construction workers in Zhengzhou in the Henan province recently discovered a mini pyramid approximately six feet tall situated … Continue reading

New Research Leads to Consideration that Our Moon And Pluto are of Planet Status

Is the moon a planet? How about Pluto? Astronomical authorities say no, but Alan Stern, who led the research on the New Horizons probe to Pluto, begs to differ. Stern is part of the team behind a new paper published in Planetary and Lunar Sciences, which argues that the existing definition of “planet” is flawed. Under Stern’s new definition, the … Continue reading

Lack of Sleep and the Havoc it Wreaks on Your Body

Not sleeping is one of the worst feelings in the world. (My editor says she feels nauseated if she doesn’t get at least 5 hours.) But not sleeping multiple nights in a row can be downright unhealthy. If you are a person who thinks you only need a couple of hours a night, you are fooling yourself and headed for … Continue reading

Mysterious Metal “Small Pox” Causing Massive Radiation Leak at Nuclear Plant in India, Experts Befuddled

Hindustan Times, Mar 19, 2017 (emphasis added): A year after heavy water leaked from the coolant channel in unit I of the [India’s] Gujarat-based Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS-1), preliminary investigations have found corrosion spots on the channel’s outer surface, and through-wall cracks in it… On March 12, KAPS-1… underwent an automatic shut down at 9 am after a leak … Continue reading

UFOs Halt Flights at Peru’s International Airport, Twice

According to recent reports, a large group of unidentified flying objects suspended regular operations at the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Peru. Twice. The large collection of twelve airborne objects halted all aircraft from taking off or landing for three hours on February 12th at 7:38 pm local time. The event was leaked only days ago to the media … Continue reading

Sun Outages Southern Hemisphere: Your TV, Radio and Internet Might Drop Out in the Next Fortnight, Here’s Why

Day and night are 12 hours each around the globe today — except at the poles — as the Earth reaches equinox. But in the fortnight (a period of two weeks) after the autumnal equinox — and the fortnight (a period of two weeks) before the spring equinox — in the southern hemisphere, you may notice that your radio or … Continue reading

Our Genetic Code Created by Aliens and they Signed it with the Number 37, Scientists Say

THE answer to the origin life could simply be the number 37 which could prove that our genetic code was created by ancient aliens, according to a new scientific theory. The notion that life on Earth has alien origins is nothing new, but a pair of researchers believe that they have cracked an ancient code which prove that life was … Continue reading

Quantum Theory of “Spooky Action at a Distance” Confirmed by Experiment

Quantum physics is just weird. One of the strangest behaviors studied by this out-there branch of science is called quantum entanglement and is enough to make your head hurt. Quantum entanglement involves two subatomic particles which could be any theoretical distance apart, yet share some type of mysterious connection which makes measuring or even just observing any one of the … Continue reading

Massive Deep Magma Shift Causes South America Plate Movement, Triggers 700 Quakes and Eruption

EXPERTS fear millions of lives are at risk after a MASSIVE shift of molten magma deep under South America triggered a staggering 700 EARTHQUAKES and a volcano eruption. Seismologists and South American authorities fear the unprecedented movement of trillions of tons of molten rock – largely below Chile – has raised subterranean pressures to catastrophic levels and will eventually trigger … Continue reading

SIGNS? Locals Baffled by Eerie Geometric Pattern Etched into Iceland’s Largest Lake

Incredible images of an unexplained and somewhat eerie zigzag pattern stretching for more than two kilometers (1.25 miles) on a frozen lake in Iceland has baffled locals, sparking theories on its source ranging from aliens to aquatic monsters. The bizarre markings on Lake Thingvallavatn in Thingvellir National Park were shared by the park’s Facebook page earlier this month. The post … Continue reading

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Donation to Help BENDEDREALITY

I Enjoy BENDEDREALITY and would like to show my appreciation for their efforts and help them stay alive
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