A Rope Over An Abyss

By staff writer Patrick C.

“If you could look directly into these creatures’ eyes you’d realize that every detail of your life, no matter how personal, how mundane, how minute, is known to them. Unless a person has been through the trauma of an abduction, they cannot comprehend how these entities can strip the mind & soul as easily as they can strip the clothes off a body.

“They scan details of a person’s life with such facility that they make you feel as if you are an interesting piece of lint caught between their toes. In the blink of an eye, these beings devastate all personal freedom, all sense of privacy, and all prospects for living a normal existence. A person’s life is never the same again. He or she is changed forever.” – Letter from an abductee to Linda M. Howe

This article will attempt to offer some insight possibly to some of the aliens motives and goals. It will also touch on religion, death, the soul & eternity.

I have memories of a being from childhood, always at night. then waking up with a blood soaked pillow, or dreaming about nuclear explosions (a lot), or traveling through a gray/white matrix (worm hole? also a lot) with crisscrossing lines originating from the center.

Waking up in a standing position, looking down at my feet which were bare. Looking up to discover I was in a desert landscape with some small mounds/hills & sparse grassy vegetation. This wasn’t a dream, I was waking from a dream. I was around 5 or 6 years old at the time, after a few moments of adjusting to my new surroundings large car & house sized chunks of jagged sandy colored boulders started impacting the ground and rapidly closing the distance in front of me.

I watched everything go black as a huge rock landed on me, but curiously there was no physical impact of something hitting my body, just the blackness of being inside a rock. I felt no different than before and just stood in blackness for a few moments. That was the last memory of that incident.

Soul Containers:

These beings refer to human bodies as “containers” which will be discussed in greater detail later on and there is great importance placed on our souls being kept inside these containers for specific lengths of time.

“They have been concerned with what we have been doing, the wars and so forth. They are afraid that the souls will be damaged by our containers. One of the MJ-12 guys talked about an analogy. He said that when you put something in a container and you pour it out there’s always some residue that remains.”

“Something remains in that soul, so when you pass the soul on in different containers it picks up the residues of all the different containers it has been in and a little of each remains and stays throughout. I guess there is an eternity, there’s no end. I asked him does the soul wear out after so many recycles. He said no, no souls never wear out The Supreme Being makes sure that doesn’t happen.”

“The notion of the soul picking up residues may explain why we have memories of past lives. It may also explain why after spending thousands of years and who knows how many wretched lifetimes trying to work out the karma from one or more evil incarnations. One can still feel the enticing charm of the dark side. The 7 deadly sins are like predators, they’ve got you before you realize they are there.”

“Some abductee researchers such as Dr. Leo Sprinkle, a Wyoming psychologist, and Harvard University psychologist Dr. John Mack, stumbled onto what appears to be a continuity of the same EBEN’s (extraterrestrial biological entities), or maybe other Grey types, present from human life to human life because the same alien being comes up in past life regressions at births and at deaths.”

So the soul is tracked from lifetime to lifetime with purpose. The soul is put into a new “container” after each cycle. Sometimes the container has a defect and these same beings will intervene and remove the soul from the old body and put it inside a new cloned body. Perhaps a special type of energy that is produced when you marry a soul to a biological container, something of great value to them. What do you put in a container? Something of value? Something that is dangerous and needs contained perhaps or something you plan to consumer at a later date?

Alien Intentions:

Lyn Buchanan a Remote Viewer for the US governments now declassified Remote Viewing project was tasked with categorizing and determining the intentions of the aliens. “The psychic friendly ones want us to develop our abilities and become a force in the universe. The unfriendly psychic ones want us dead. They want us wiped off the planet to the last person.”

“The ETs that have more psychic abilities than we have, have it much stronger but they don’t have any range, they have to be right over you. Our ability is weak however we can see across the universe as well as we can see across a room. We can see the past, we can see the future, we have learned from this method how to understand the plans and intentions of other people and that’s ET’s included.”

“The fact is when we start developing our psychic abilities and become strong, when we go out into the universe, into space and space travel, we will wind up being a very powerful force in the universe. Our friends want to stay friends with that powerful force and our enemies out there, those who don’t like us, they’re afraid of us.”

“They want us dead right now.” Perhaps this is why we see evidence of cyclical mass extinctions? A reset of mankind back to the stone-ages prior to becoming an intergalactic competitor/threat?

“We (abductees) are caught in the middle of a series of on-going events that will one day prove historically significant to the future of the earth. Unfortunately, because of our continuing, non-voluntary interactions with these beings, we have, in a sense, become victims of both sides of the phenomena.”

“On the one hand, we are used by the aliens for their own purposes, whatever those purposes may be. If we speak out, we risk ridicule from the public, and in some cases, possible harassment and/or intimidation by government and military personnel.” Source Linda M. Howe presentation.


The abductee is confronted with a greater truth, a burden of knowledge, abandoned and betrayed by his or her own government with no where to turn for comfort or understanding. In a cruel turn of events, he or she has become the problem that must be monitored and dealt with. Deadly secrets that are kept at all costs.

Some look for protection in a religion or a deity. The following should disabuse you of that notion. David Paulites Missing 411: “Let’s talk about religion, because a lot of you have said in various posts that, ‘if he had just said something, then it would have saved his life. If he would have just said Jesus save me or God save me, it would have saved his life.”

“I’m going to tell you about some cases from my books that may enlighten you greatly to that subject. Jaryd Atadero, 3 year old went missing along the Big South Trail in Colorado, Jaryd’s dad Allyn is deeply religious. 10-year old Bobby Bizup was attending a Catholic camping retreat called Camp Saint Malo, at the Rocky Mountain National Park, he disappeared and was found later the following year deceased. Just remnants of him, just small pieces of him way up the side of the mountain. Again from a religious site.”

“Dr. Maurice Dametz went missing in the Pike National Forest of Central Colorado. He was a pastor, he had a PHD in Theology, he was in charge of several churches before he retired and he disappeared. I wrote about a Yosemite trip that a church group from Los Angeles took. A member that was last in line coming down from Yosemite Falls, he disappeared. A highly religious man, never found.”

“Another case out of New Mexico where a woman, an elderly woman was going to a religious retreat. They found her car on the side of a dirt road and she was never found. Famous story out of Ohio that I wrote about, 63 year old man disappeared from his house early in the morning. Left his shoes behind, left his belt behind, front door was partially opened, they lived next to a river, he was never found. He was not only an elder in their church he was a Sunday school teacher.”

“So what does this all mean? That’s a small fraction of what I’ve written about. So the people that are pushing the theory that if you’re highly religious you’re going to be saved. I don’t think so. There was the leader of the Protestant Diocese of Montana that disappeared in Glaciaer National Park . He was found weeks later in a creek deceased. He was the head of the Diocese.”

“Another famous case, this person was the leader of the Episcopal Diocese of the United States, vacationing overseas. Disappeared, they found him up the side of a cliff, naked in a praying position, and they found his clothes scattered between the point of the car and where he was found. Again, head of the Episcopal Diocese. Two heads of churches disappeared.”

“So I think those people would know what to say in these circumstances if they thought that would save their lives. Now let’s be clear, I’m not putting down religion at all, I’m balancing the argument. I think if you understand the numbers of highly religious people that have disappeared, your paradigm would shift.”

Who Created Jesus?

What does the scientific community have to say about the impact of religious beliefs? “Their research found that those with religious or spiritual beliefs appeared to suppress the brain network used for analytical thinking in order to engage the network for empathetic thinking.” In essence it limits their brain function and capacity.

“Equally, those who were non-religious showed they suppressed their empathetic thinking for analytical thinking.” In essence it limits their brain function and capacity. So a mix of the two is something to keep in mind to engage the maximum function and capacity of the hu-man (god-mind) brain.

Interestingly, the extraterrestrials that have been interacting with our government take credit for Jesus: “reported that 2000 years ago, his ancestors planted a human creature on Earth, to assist the inhabitants of Earth with developing a civilization. This information was only vague and the exact identity or background on this homo sapien was not obtained.” Linda M. Howe claimed to have seen the document personally, she goes on …

“These extraterrestrial biological entities manipulated DNA in already evolving primates to create homo sapien. 2000 years ago these EBEN’s created ‘a being’ to be placed on this planet to teach homa sapiens about love and non-violence. There were two other lines of text and the last one said, “And the homo sapiens killed all 3.” Linda believes this confirms Jesus Christ was an extraterrestrial that had been created and sent to earth on a mission which was not defined in these briefing papers.

To make matters more confusing, later the Blonde Aliens claimed it was they not the EBEN’s who created the Christ but on a science mission in order to stop an event in 2012 that was going to annihilate surface life of this planet. They had to go back 2000 to avoid impacting something else in the timeline and created the Christ event.

So regardless of the claims being made about the event 2000 years ago, these beings do possess, manipulate and wage war through the use of time-travel, so anything is indeed possible. What can be gleaned is the fact that THEY believe in both a Supreme Being and an Evil One (God & Devil). How does this shape their reality and how they view their relationships to the humans?

God And The Devil:

“I asked Sherman, “Is there a Devil out there somewhere?” Sherman answered, “There is an evil force, even the EBEN’s talk about it. There is a Supreme Being and then there is the Evil One, the Evil Entity. The EBEN’s are as scared of that Evil Entity as we are of the Devil.” And I asked, “Where is the Devil?” And Sherman said, “I don’t know but what worries me is that if the EBENS’s are scared him I’m damn scared of him because the EBEN’s can control anything. And if they believe in the same Supreme Being we call God, and they say there is an Evil One, then there really is a Devil.”

“Would the Devil be equal to and opposite of the positive God? Are there two Gods?” Sherman answered, “I don’t know, you can think about that forever. There’s another thing that puzzles me. The EBEN’s say that everything that occurs in our time-span has occurred before. I guess it means that we’re just right in the middle of a huge big circle and it just goes round and round again. And the way I see this is, the Earth was created and 5 billion years from now the sun is going to expand and Earth will be engulfed and destroyed and everything goes back into a big bang and then everything starts over again.”

“I asked, “When the Yellow Book talked about the Supreme Being that created the universe, did it say anything about parallel dimensions, parallel time-lines or anything else like that.” Sherman said, “No nothing. The Aliens talked about the vastness of the Universe. That there are lifeforms all over. It talks about a Supreme Being creating the souls and creating the containers and distributing the souls to the containers. To the EBEN’s, it’s just basic facts.”

“If the EBEN’s made us and put us here, there has to be a reason. Are we a garden growing containers for souls to be harvested for some reason?” Sherman answered, “Well it’s another good question, all I can tell you is that one elderly man with MJ-12 when I asked him that told me, “You do not want to know that.“

The New Race:

“Sherman some abductees also say that the main reason for the animal mutilations and human abductions has to do with the creation of a hybrid species but no one knows if the hybrids are suppose to replace the current homo sapien container model. There is a sense that whatever the non-humans are up to it has something to do with survival. Theirs & ours?”

Sherman said, “Maybe, all I know is that the EBEN’s are suppose to have manipulated the DNA in primates long before humans were created. So there must have been a series of experiments, like neanderthal before cro-magnon and neanderthals are gone, so who knows what is on the agenda for humans.” Linda M. Howe presentation.

“The people who live on Earth, those who will survive the (destructive) changes (to come), will be evolving into a new species of being. … I’m not referring not now to the time travelers from the future who are here also. That was something that was necessary because Earths governments got hold of dangerous technology that greatly altered Earth’s future for the worse. Remember the mistake that was made that I told you about awhile back. Some type of technology fell into the wrong hands and the (future) travelers were sent back in time to change that. Don’t know if it has been changed. At least not yet. But that was an entire side-bar to evolution that was never meant to happen.” – Linda Porter 1995

“Can you tell us about the future how it’s going to go? “I have been tasked out to the year 2080. Basically what I found was that cities are pretty well emptied out. The population is very thinned out, not a very large percentage of the people who are here now. It’s mainly a farming society, however the scientific developments are such, that a farm automatically produces it’s own water, electricity, every need it has, it’s own food. The people who are left are very self sufficient and in fact very happy.”

“What about the new world order, who try to get us under influence of Lucifer or something like that? The war between good and bad? “Well, yes I think you’d have to be blind not to see that it’s already happening. That’s not future, that’s now.” People are saying there is going to be war, like people saying there is going to be World War 3?”

“I think there’s going to be, well, I think that over time it’s been proven that Wars only have a temporarily effect and I think that this time they’ve learned. I think that the first salvo you might say in this war is to a poison certain genomes in the human system and I think, it’s my personal belief, that’s what’s happening with Chemtrails.” Lyn Buchanan interview.

“Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman–a rope over an abyss. A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Thanks for listening,

Patrick C.


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