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Meteor Lights Up Skies over Missouri, Caught on VIDEO

Some sleepless folks in the state of Missouri were lucky enough to spot and film what appeared to be a bright meteor streaking through the night sky. The meteor traversed overhead on Monday night, catching the eyes of those who were still awake in and around St. Louis, Missouri. It emanated from the Northern Taurid meteor shower, which is known … Continue reading

Asteroid Passes Between the Moon and Earth, Third Close Fly-by in 5 Days

A 65-foot asteroid is set to shoot past the Earth at 26,843mph in a close flyby altitude of just 107,850 miles. Worryingly, NASA’s space rock hunters only spotted the asteroid about a week ago. Asteroid 2019 VD was first picked up by NASA asteroid trackers on October 25, meaning they had little time to crunch the numbers and assess the … Continue reading

‘Huge’ Meteor Fireball Captured on Doorbell Cam over Southern California

Home security cameras captured the moment a meteor streaked across the night sky over Fullerton, California, in the early hours of November 2. Jessica Gilstrap tweeted this video recorded by her doorbell camera, writing: “WHOA! Jared and I were laying in bed and a bright light shone in our room, I thought someone was outside with a flashlight. It was … Continue reading

Fear of the ‘Big One’ Grows in California as Dormant Fault Line Moves for 1st time in 500yrs

“There are now fears that if Garlock keeps creeping it may disturb the San Andreas fault and trigger the long-feared ‘Big One’ which could devastate the entire state and swallow cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles whole. The southern San Andreas Fault experiences major quakes roughly every 150 years, the last of which took place in 1857, meaning the … Continue reading

Ancient Assyrian Tablets May Have Noted a Massive Solar Storm

Scientists report that they may have found the earliest written record of a solar storm in ancient Assyrian tablets. Recent analyses have found evidence of an extreme solar storm that left energetic particles in tree rings and ice cores across the world sometime around 660 BCE. With this in mind, a research team in Japan and the United Kingdom wondered … Continue reading

Bright Slow-Moving Meteor Fireball Recorded over Trinidad and Tobago

SOME lucky citizens were on Tuesday night treated to what appeared to be a meteor blazing its way into Earth’s atmosphere, looking much like a comet as it streaked across the sky. The fireball appeared to have been visible mostly to those living in Central and Northern Trinidad and a number of people yesterday posted video clips of the celestial … Continue reading

Preparing for an Inevitable Solar Storm

Let’s consider the following scenario – the Earth is at risk for a disruptive event. This event has, conservatively, about a 0.2% chance of happening on any given year. But that is the most conservative estimate, at the high end it could be more like 12% over the next decade. Either way the chance of this type of event happening … Continue reading

Bright Midnight Meteor Fireball Lights Up Sky over Northeast China

It turned night into day. What appears to be a dazzling meteor lit up the sky over northeast China on Friday (Oct. 11), appearing as a brilliant fireball in surveillance videos of the event. The meteor occurred at about 12:16 a.m. Beijing Time, turning night into day and casting dark shadows as it streaked through the sky, according to the … Continue reading

Huge Meteor Fireball Illuminates Night Sky Over London, England

It was previously reported that a large asteroid was approaching Earth. Its diameter is approximately 190 to 430 metres, making it twice as large as the famous Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. According to eyewitnesses, London has been illuminated by a meteor, with some of them managing to record the dramatic footage. Some of the witnesses were in Southeast London … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Tasmania Victoria Sept2019
Meteor Fireball Lights Up Sky over Tasmania and Victoria, Produces Loud Bang

A fireball meteor — possibly as small as a tennis ball — has burst into the Earth’s atmosphere causing a flash of light and a sound “like thunder” over Tasmania and Victoria, causing some to fear the worst. The object flew across the horizon just before 8:30pm (AEST), with videos being shared by excited eyewitnesses in both states. Adrian from … Continue reading