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‘Mysterious’ Disease Kills Nine in Kenya

“He appealed for immediate intervention to contain the outbreak and prevent more deaths.” RT Image: © James Wakibia / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images More than 80 others are bedridden as a team of surveillance experts and laboratory technologists work to identify the illness A “mysterious” disease has ravaged Kagi, a community in Kenya’s northern county of Marsabit, … Continue reading

YouTuber Allegedly Owns Copy of ‘Most Convincing UFO Video Ever’

“”If you could imagine the skin on the craft glowing like phosphorus on a beach,” he said. “That’s what it looked like…”” by T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries image credit: pixabay / KarstenBergmann Logan Paul reportedly made a surreptitious recording of footage obtained by UFO expert Chuck Clark 30 years ago. Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, James Fox … Continue reading

CIA Involved in JFK’s murder – Robert Kennedy Jr

““The evidence is overwhelming that the CIA was involved in the murder, and the coverup,” the candidate continued…” US presidential candidate said the agency’s culpability in his uncle’s murder was “beyond a reasonable doubt” Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has alleged that the CIA was behind the assassination of his uncle, US President John F. Kennedy Jr. in … Continue reading

coconut_crab_CC_Anne Sheppard
Was Amelia Earhart Really Eaten by Giant Crabs ?

“More than 82 years after Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean during an attempt to circumnavigate the globe in her Lockheed Model 10 Electra…” by T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries image credit: CC BY 3.0 Anne Sheppard One enduring theory suggests that the aviator’s remains were disposed of by coconut crabs on Nikumaroro. More than 82 years after Amelia Earhart … Continue reading

10 Years On – The Man Who Was Swallowed by a Sinkhole

“…might sound like the plot of a horror movie, but this terrifying story is in fact the real deal…” By T.K. Randall unexplained-mysteries Back in 2013, Jeff Bush had been sleeping in his bed when a hole suddenly opened in the ground and swallowed him up. It might sound like the plot of a horror movie, but this terrifying story … Continue reading

nuclear_detonation_US military test site_Nevada_ AP _US Depart of Energy
Lawmakers Push to Limit US President’s Nuclear Authority

“…the president should not have unilateral authority to start a nuclear war.” via RT Image: US military test site in Nevada, June 24, 1957 © AP / US Department of Energy Democrats have warned that a “rogue” leader could someday take control of America’s atomic arsenal. US Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced a bill that would force … Continue reading

Ex-US Pilot Warns of UFO-Related ‘National Security Threat’

“I have heard it described over the course of eight or nine years, basically the same object being reported.” by Andrei Dargalin via sputniknews The navy pilot claims he ran into UFOs while flying in restricted airspace off the United States’ East coast, alleging that people who are “still flying out there” continue encountering mysterious unidentified objects. While a trio … Continue reading

WHO Reveals ‘Staggering’ Infertility Statistics

“Infertility is defined by the WHO as an inability to conceive a child after one year of regular unprotected sex.” via RT Infertility affects one in six people worldwide, the World Health Organization has revealed in a new report. While the WHO could not determine if infertility has increased or decreased, the report comes amid warnings of declining sperm counts … Continue reading

The Gateway Process: the CIA’s Classified Space & Time Travel System That You Can Learn

The Gateway Process: the CIA’s classified Space & Time Travel system that you can learn The United States military is always looking for new ways to create super soldiers. They use performance-enhancing and mind-altering drugs. They’re currently experimenting with brain implant technology. They’ve even explored genetic engineering to try and breed the perfect soldier. But those are nothing compared to … Continue reading

Asteroid Will Pass Between the Earth and the Moon Saturday

Sky scraper sized asteroid will pass Earth closer than the moon Saturday by Debbie Lord, Cox Media Group National via whio . com image: urikyo33 – Pixabay An asteroid that is the size of a skyscraper will pass by the Earth on Saturday as close as half the distance of the moon, according to astronomers. The asteroid, known as 2023 … Continue reading

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