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Pentagon Launches Experimental Space Laser

The device transmits solar energy back down to Earth in electromagnetic waves via RT image:AP / John Raoux The US Naval Research Laboratory launched a laser power beaming device into space on Wednesday. Though the technology is still in its infancy, proponents say it could one day fuel extraterrestrial colonies, or alleviate energy shortages on earth. The Space Wireless Energy … Continue reading

UAP Sightings Don’t Conform to Laws of Physics, New Paper Claims

“…they argue that the alleged capabilities of these “highly maneuverable” objects are so extreme that the sheer friction involved should have produced a visible fireball…” By T.K. Randall unexplained-mysteries Harvard’s Avi Loeb and the Pentagon’s Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick have co-authored a new paper on the subject. The paper, which is still undergoing peer review, is entitled ‘Physical Constraints on Unidentified … Continue reading

1241_UFO_ Pixabay_christianplass
US Congressman Claims Government is Reverse-Engineering Alien Tech

“…he believed the US government had “recovered a craft at some point, and possible beings.” By T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries image: pixabay / christianplass Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett is certainly no stranger to making ‘out there’ claims about UFOs and aliens. Speaking during a recent interview with Newsweek, Burchett stated that he believed the US government had “recovered a craft … Continue reading

Are all these UFOs an Alien Invasion or has Project Blue Beam Finally Begun?

Your world is not as it seems. Everything you know to be true is a lie. Hidden behind the façade of our everyday lives is a secret and powerful organization with a dangerous agenda. To manipulate the minds of the masses and usher in a new world order. They call this program “Project Blue Beam”. If the program is successful, … Continue reading

Mystery Surrounds ‘Powder’ Falling from the Sky over US

“…residents of Maryland, northern Virginia and West Virginia began reporting that a strange powder had started settling on top of their vehicles.” By T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries Several Mid-Atlantic states on the East Coast saw reports of a dust-like powder falling from the sky last week. Concerns were raised on Thursday when residents of Maryland, northern Virginia and West Virginia … Continue reading

Whistleblower Exposes New FBI Scandal

“Internal reports show a disturbing pattern of misconduct going unpunished, former special agent Steve Friend claims.” via RT FBI agents caught committing a broad array of felonies have not only escaped going to prison for their crimes, but in many cases kept their jobs, according to internal reports from the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility obtained by former special agent … Continue reading

These Declassified Documents Are Truly Disturbing

Declassified documents are a fascinating way to learn about history that you wouldn’t otherwise learn about. This video looks at some declassified documents that are sure to interest you. Watch the video and find out all the secrets these documents hold! This is Operation Northwoods End Times Productions YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS … Continue reading

WHO Calls Urgent Meeting on Killer Virus

“… Marburg is considered highly dangerous and is known to cause a form of viral hemorrhagic fever, which leads to bleeding from the nose, mouth, or other body parts. Other symptoms include extreme ethargy, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and abdominal pain.” via RT image: FR/NIH/NIAID/BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Image The World Health Organization (WHO) has convened to discuss … Continue reading

Armando FrancaAP_Snowden1384
Snowden Labels UFO Craze a Distraction

“Austin also said the three objects were different from the Chinese ‘spy balloon’ the US shot down over South Carolina last week.” via RT image: © AP / Armando Franca Talk of aliens is intended to misdirect from real scandals, the NSA whistleblower says. The media frenzy over “spy balloons” and unidentified flying objects over North America is sadly not … Continue reading

A Secret Base Already On The Moon?

This video takes a closer look at the bizarre theory that there’s a secret nuclear base ALREADY built on the moon! This is an idea that dates back to the Cold War years, when so much was kept hidden from the watching public… but could America AND Russia really have a JOINT facility on the lunar surface? Unveiled YouTube IF … Continue reading

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