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What If Earth Orbited the Largest Star We’ve Ever Discovered (UY Scuti)?

UY Scuti: It’s the largest star that we’ve ever discovered. And if it were to replace our Sun, it would change a lot more than just the amount of sunscreen you’d have to put on. How long would it take for our planet to orbit this insanely massive star? What would that do to our seasons? And would we even … Continue reading

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What If We’re the Remnants of a Type III Civilization?

What if the Kardashev Scale is right, but we’re the SECOND variation of it? In this video, Unveiled takes an alternate look at the Kardashev Scale model of civilization advancement. On Kardashev’s original scale, Type III was the pinnacle… but what if it’s already been and gone on Earth? Could humans simply be the LEFTOVERS of an ancient, advanced race … Continue reading

Neanderthals Could Have Died Out Because of Sex With Humans, New Study Suggests

“Scientist have discovered that a rare blood disorder, haemolytic disease of the foetus and newborn (HDFN), could have had a deadly impact on the offspring of a sexual pairing between Neanderthals and humans…” by Alexandra Kashirina via Sputniknews Mixed offspring are said to have been particularly vulnerable to a rare disease that could cause fatal anemia, which usually occurs when … Continue reading

Brainless Blob Can Think and Make Decisions

A brainless thinking blob? say what?! via unexplained-mysteries: Image Credit: Nirosha Murugan / Harvard University Scientists have observed a type of slime mold that is surprisingly brainy given its total lack of a brain. Obligatory political jokes aside, the research – which concerns a type of slime mold known as Physarum polycephalum – has forced scientists to reconsider what constitutes … Continue reading

Harvard-led Team to Look for Alien Space Tech

Lets hope that if/when they do find something it isn’t kept secret/hidden from the public. via unexplained-mysteries Image Credit: ESO / Y. Beletsky A team of scientists has launched a new project with the aim of hunting down alien technosignatures. Known as The Galileo Project, this new research endeavour is headed up by Harvard University’s Avi Loeb and will involve … Continue reading

‘Bleak’ Future with Companies Owning Private Thoughts & World Divided Between Cyborg and Human

“…EEG data could also give companies “unparalleled insight” into a person’s “intentions, preferences, and emotions.” via RT Image: © Getty Images / metamorworks Scientists at Imperial College London have warned of a “bleak panorama” relating to the commercial use of brain-computer interfaces. If left unregulated, they say, the tech could lead to companies harvesting our deepest thoughts. Several Big Tech … Continue reading

Cosmic Symbolism at Hittite Yazilikaya (Hitit Açık Hava Tapınağı Yazılkaya’daki Kozmik Sembolizm)

“For almost two hundred years, archaeologists have been looking for a plausible explanation for the ancient rock sanctuary of Yazılıkaya in Central Turkey. Over 3,200 years ago, stonemasons artfully cut more than 90 reliefs of deities, animals, and chimaeras into the limestone bedrock. An international team of researchers now presents an interpretation that for the first time suggests a coherent … Continue reading

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5 Experiments that Could have Destroyed the World

…and they conducted them anyways. Dark5 YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

What If We Created a Superintelligence

We heard the warnings. But we didn’t listen. Now, we live in a world controlled by artificial intelligence. How did we let this happen? Will we able to survive? And is this the end of the world? The days with AI like Siri and Alexa, that made our lives better are now over. We no longer control AI in fact, … Continue reading

Our Universe is ‘Doomed to Perish’ in ‘Heat Death’, Says Top Scientist

“In 100 billion years, other galaxies will be so far away we won’t be able to see them, and most of the stars in the Milky Way will have already burned out.” By Jak Connor via tweaktown A cosmologist has explained why the universe is ‘doomed to perish’ in a ‘heat death’ where everything will become dark and empty. Back … Continue reading