America once issued a 5-cent bill.

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The Native American Legend of the Sleeping Giant and the Whiteman

Not very long ago, a Native American tribe known as the Ojibwa tribe roamed the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. They were much loved by the powerful god, Nanabozho, who was very pleased with their industrious nature and upstanding character. Yet the times were troubled. The Whiteman had arrived and was slowly destroying the Ojibwa way … Continue reading

No One Knows Why Humpbacks Are Saving Seals from Killer Whales

Altruism isn’t exactly something that one associates with the marine world–with predators and prey clearly delineated, it’s a shark-eat-shark existence down there. Except when it comes to humpback whales, apparently. One marine scientist has gathered reports of humpback whales intervening when killer whales attack. All well and good when the target prey is a humpback calf, but in the majority … Continue reading

Mysterious Huge-Eyed Skull Believed To Have ‘Belonged To An Alien’

A MYSTERIOUS skull with huge eye sockets and fanged teeth, that has left scientists flummoxed, may have belonged to an alien, it is claimed. The strange skeleton head, described as 50 per cent bigger than a standard sized version, wasy found by Danish contractors replacing old sewage pipes workers on Sealand Island. The workers were digging out the 100-year-old pipes … Continue reading

FBI Gives Up on DB Cooper Hijacking Mystery

Officials have finally admitted defeat after failing to solve the case of a 1971 airline hijacking. Described as the ‘longest and most exhaustive investigation’ in US history, the hunt for the mysterious individual known as DB Cooper has spanned over five decades. The original incident began when a man, who at the time went by the name Dan Cooper, boarded … Continue reading

Identical Twins Answer in Unison on Live TV

A bizarre interview on Good Morning Britain saw identical twins answering questions in perfect sync. YouTube favorites Bridgette and Paula Powers look identical, dress in the same clothes, spend every waking minute with one another and can even tell what the other is going to say. Their most extraordinary trait however is their apparent ability to speak in unison – … Continue reading

What Is That? Could This Bizarre Winged Creature Be A Fairy, An Alien Or A Locust From The Book Of Revelation?

I wasn’t going to write about this. I was trained as an attorney and I am skeptical by nature, and so I generally don’t like to write about things that I can’t prove. But in the case of this bizarre winged creature, a couple of factors changed my mind. First of all, we actually have physical evidence which has been … Continue reading

Another New, Mysterious Crop Circle Appears Near Stonehenge

Another mysterious crop circle has appeared in the field near Stonehenge. This design is just one kilometer away from the infamous and mysterious site. More and more crop circles have been appearing near Stonehenge over the last few decades. This phenomenon is incredibly interesting, and has a lot of controversy surrounding it. Many are quick to dismiss all crop circles … Continue reading

Are You One of Them? Real Aliens Are Living Among Us! [video]

Whatever your opinions, you may well find that the following evidence have some impact on this. As former Canadian defence minister has claimed that aliens are real and has accused world leaders of keeping their presence on Earth, as secret. ALIENS ARE REAL Hellyer described several types of aliens including “Tall Whites” who are working with the US air force … Continue reading

Alien Manipulation-Religion
Alien Manipulation through Religion

Scorched Earth Policy Various references define a scorched earth policy pretty much as the phrase implies. It’s not difficult to figure out what the consequences of this type of operation would be to life on Earth; however, it can also have limited uses. For example: “A military strategy of burning or destroying buildings, crops, or other resources that might be … Continue reading

Huge UFO over NY baffles Witnesses [VIDEO]

A video shot by confused motorists who spotted a massive UFO has been shared online. The clip, captured on Sunday, shows a large black object hovering above the New York City skyline. It was visible to drivers making the Outerbridge Crossing to New Jersey. A video shot by confused motorists who spotted a massive UFO has been shared online. The … Continue reading



America once issued a 5-cent bill.