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Arthur C. Clarke
Alien Life, Deep Time, And Our Place in Cosmic History

The biggest question of our time. Are we alone? Chapter 1 of this experience takes you to alien worlds and distant places in time and space, in search of where alien life might be hiding and what our place is within the history of life. After generations of wondering, the truth is finally within our reach. New research and technologies … Continue reading

This Mushroom Suit ‘Eats’ Your Body After You Die

With all the focus on how we can reduce our carbon footprint in our lifetime, most of us forget that we continue to have a significant impact on the environment long after we die, thanks to our toxin-riddled funeral industry. But a team of designers has come up with a more eco-friendly option – a jumpsuit woven from mushroom-spore-infused thread … Continue reading

Consciousness Cannot Have Evolved

by Bernardo Kastrup The Institute of Art and Ideas The overwhelmingly validated theory of evolution tells us that the functions performed by our organs arose from associated increases in survival fitness. For instance, the bile produced by our liver and the insulin produced by our pancreas help us absorb nutrients and thus survive. Insofar as it is produced by the … Continue reading

Might Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

The question of exactly what consciousness is has puzzled philosophers and scientists alike for millennia. We – as in the human race – are conscious, meaning that on a day-to-day basis we perceive a great deal about the world around us. We feel – both physically and emotionally – and can not only ask big questions about our own existence, … Continue reading

Should Quantum Anomalies Make Us Rethink Reality?

Every generation tends to believe that its views on the nature of reality are either true or quite close to the truth. We are no exception to this: although we know that the ideas of earlier generations were each time supplanted by those of a later one, we still believe that this time we got it right. Our ancestors were … Continue reading

Reality Article
Study Suggests Objective Reality Does Not Exist

Alternative facts are spreading like a virus across society. Now it seems they have even infected science – at least the quantum realm. This may seem counter intuitive. The scientific method is after all founded on the reliable notions of observation, measurement and repeatability. A fact, as established by a measurement, should be objective, such that all observers can agree … Continue reading

The Astronomy of The ‘Star Of Bethlehem’

One of the classic images of the Christmas holiday is that of three wise men or kings traveling to Bethlehem, over which hangs a brilliant star. The Star of Bethlehem has its roots in the opening verses of the Gospel of Matthew, which states: Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, … Continue reading

Archaeologists May Have Found Table that Held the Ark of the Covenant

The stone table was found within an ancient temple unearthed approximately 20km west of Jerusalem. The golden chest believed to have held the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, the Ark remains one of the most sought-after and mystifying religious artifacts in history. For years researchers have attempted to determine where it might be or if it … Continue reading

3D Images of ‘Noah’s Ark’ Set to be Revealed

A Turkish ark-hunter has captured new subterranean images of what he believes to be the real Noah’s Ark. The final whereabouts of the biblical vessel have long remained a topic of heated debate among historians, with many unable to agree upon whether or not it ever actually existed at all. Among those who do believe that the story of Noah … Continue reading

UFO Over Turkey
Enthusiasts Stabilize Shaky UFO Footage in Hopes of Seeing ALIENS Clearly

Thrilled by the enigma of a famous video shot in Turkey over a decade ago, some internet dwellers processed it through a powerful stabilization tool, revealing uncanny images that could dazzle even sophisticated ufologists. The mystery started back in 2008 when a Turkish night guard named Yalcin Yalman began videotaping bright, crescent-shaped objects that regularly appeared and hovered over the … Continue reading

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