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Study Reveals Cosmic Rays Are Increasing Throughout the Entire Solar System as Sun Plunges into Deep Solar Minimum

The results of a study indicates an increase in cosmic rays here on Earth and throughout our Solar System. So what’s causing all of this? The sun is currently plunging toward a deep Solar Minimum. As it descends, the sun’s weakening magnetic field and flagging solar wind provides less and less shielding against high-energy particles from deep space. Every … Continue reading

Tickling Rats: Rats Respond with Joy, Jumps and ‘Laughter’ When Tickled

Written by Stargazer BENDEDREALITY.COM – November 2016 Many feel that humans are far different from all other life forms and as a result they make a great number of false assumptions as to what other animals are able or capable of feeling and experiencing. Some interesting and fascinating results were derived from a study by Neuroscientist Shimpei Ishiyama and his … Continue reading

Blank Sun-2016
No Sunspots. Life On Earth May Be Getting A Lot More Interesting In The Next Few Years

Editor’s thoughts: based on this article it seems like we will be in for some interesting Earth changes from here on to around the year 2020. If I correctly get what the article is saying, we may see increased instances of meteor fireballs and also man made junk making their way into the atmosphere a bit more easily and on … Continue reading

Mysterious Cochno Stone and Crop Circles Connection

The Conchno stone is defined by wikipedia as a large Cup and ring marked rock at Auchnacraig, Faifley, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. The Bronze Age stone measuring 42 feet (13 m) by 26 feet (7.9 m) was rediscovered in 1887 by the Rev. James Harvey. It features around 90 carved indentations, considered to be one of the finest sets of petroglyphs … Continue reading