The brain is our fattiest organ, being composed of nearly 60% fat.

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Death in the Matrix – A Near Death Experience


By staff writer Patrick C.


As a child I was payed a visit by death in the form of an older brothers friend.

What had started out as playful wrestling soon turned into something else. I sensed him sway back and forth as if looking around to see if anyone was watching, and then the slow squeeze began and it continued stronger and stronger. I was struggling to no use for as long as I could and soon the blackness overcame me.

There was a definite awareness shift at this moment, I no longer had the perspective of being a human with a body, but as a substance inside of the body. Rapidly there began a falling sensation and at the same time I felt myself being drawn together, like a plasma, withdrawing from the extremities of the body and coalescing. This sensation lasted only a few brief moments.

The next instant I was transported to a new space, a blackness was underneath me, and in front of me like a path and above me like a sky. But on either side of this new space it was quite bright and I noticed things on either side of me begin to move.

There were walls or boundaries to the sides but no defined structure and no source of light but light there was none the less. And all along either side of these lighted boundaries were three rows stair-stepping up, as far as I could see.

On these rows sat long flexible poles with view screens, they turned to face me, responding to my presence. They moved like organic living things and would turn as I was pushed forward along the black path so that I would always have the perfect view.

The countless screens each was playing short repeating movies of myself, showing different events experienced throughout my short life. Interestingly they were from a 3rd perspective point of view, all from slightly above me looking down.

The enhanced visual experience was astounding and overwhelming at first, difficult to describe. The best way to portray the visual experience of everyday life vs. this new space is in terms of the intensity of information conveyed. Everyday life as we perceive it is a dull knockoff in comparison, like viewing reality through a dirty lens of black and white movie. While in this new space, visual acuity expands in richness and fidelity to that of a High Definition TV.

I began to realize I had no physical body as I transitioned to this new space. I felt like a pair of eyes on a black conveyor belt. I was being pushed forward through the black space which was not of my doing. I could prolong or slow down the forward momentum, I found by accident, by focusing on one of the view screens that caught my attention. But there was an unknown force that kept inching me forward.

The view screen that caught my attention was of me in my front yard back on Earth trying to catch bees in a jar. As my attention began to fixate on that screen, I felt myself being drawn towards the screen, I then realized I was going to hit it, and when I did I was transported back to my mothers house, in the front yard. I was an observer, observing myself. However, everything I was observing was frozen in time.

I could go anywhere my attention took me, but movement was strange, choppy, not smooth. It jumped in slight increments from position to position.

As I observed myself holding a jar, my attention was drawn to a bumble bee that happen to be sitting on the edge of it. I got close enough that the bee was next to me, looking enormous, I think I became the bee before being transported back to the blackness with the view screens on each side.

Unsure how much time I spent in the alternate place, but after a while, I was transported again back to my mother’s house but this time I was inside. I could see my body stretched out on the floor with my head and neck still in the older boy’s arms. I was hovering above and inching closer. In an instant I was back in my body, coughing.

The older boy seemed to be shook up, more so than I was, and didn’t seem very comfortable being in our house after I recovered. He was shaken and wanted to leave and did so immediately thereafter.

That was the last time I remember seeing that boy. This was a seminal event in my life and curiously one that I never mentioned to anyone growing up. Why didn’t I say anything to anyone about it? I thought about it often, sometimes daily, but was not compelled to share until recently. I definitely lacked the vocabulary to express myself, and I got the feeling when I did that it wasn’t something that people talked about.

At the time I had no knowledge of how common the life review is after death. At my young age I had no knowledge of the afterlife whatsoever. An important self-realization after years of analysis of my mini-life review, was that my memories were intact before, during and after this event. I find great comfort in this; hopefully the readers will as well, that what makes us unique, what we identify as “self” continues regardless of the body condition.

The most disturbing realization made was that I had no control over the forward motion, in the blackness, I could delay it by focused attention on one of the view screens but I could not stop it. Where does one end up after completing the review in the blackness? What is waiting for me beyond the blackness? Curious was the absence of family members greeting me on the other side or perhaps a religious figure letting me know it was not my time and needed to go back for one purpose or another. And where was the Light at the end of the tunnel I hear so much of in others accounts? Perhaps I hadn’t gone far enough along the review journey path? More likely, I lacked the religious programming.

A strange observation, in my out of body state, was the absence of sensations, I had tremendous visual acuity, but no feelings related to physicality whatsoever. I was completely comfortable in the black space. Things associated with the physical body such as pain and pleasure were left behind.

Another strange realization was the mechanical nature of the experience. Even at my young age it felt mechanical, but more real than what we experience in the physical.


Changes in Personality

While I don’t remember any specific changes to my personality after this event, as I was about 5 years old at the time, I did experience most of the changes listed below later in life around the age of 33 after a UFO abduction (after you’ve finished reading this article you can read the article I wrote about the event here: A Personal Account of Abduction and Missing Time Event).

UFO abductions have been compared to the near death experience, some have called death the ultimate abduction.

Researcher P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D one of the world’s leading researchers on near-death experience and a survivor of 3 NDE’s.

After having interviewed thousands of NDE experiencers for her work, she has moved beyond the curiosity of what lies beyond, and has researched the after effects of NDE’s in ordinary people finding some curious patterns. Common among the after-effects are:

•Changes in personality, often including becoming more loving, calm, and non-judgmental, or leading to major life changes, like divorce, estrangement from family and friends or increased magnetism around others

•Noticeable increase in intuitive and psychic capabilities, including communication with spirits, plants and animals

•A shift in a sense of life priorities

•A sense of timelessness and non-duality

•Sensitivity to light and sound

•Changes in attitudes about health, wellness and spirituality

Changes in perspective followed with a desire to find answers to the ultimate nature of our universe. I put a high probability that we reside inside of a quantum computer.

I will be writing in more depth in future articles about the implications of this statement. The rest of this article provides some supporting evidence.

Our Universe has been Realized by Quantum Computer

Dr. James Gates, “Mass, chemistry and time do not exist without the spin of the Atom. Turn off the atom, or the power to the computer, and nothing exists.”

Dr. James Gates also found a binary self correcting code hidden underneath the equations of string theory, which include at least 10 dimensions of space and particles that have yet to be discovered. He discovered “bits” of information. It is binary, it does not look like code, it is code…self referencing error correcting code. A special kind of code “invented” in the 40’s that are used in Web Browsers today.

The thought of our Universe being a holographic one has also been discussed for decades in another discipline, Genetics. DNA or A, T, C, G is another simple code. By simple addition or omission you get every form of biological life on the planet.

German computer scientist and director of the Swiss artificial intelligence lab, Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber, thinks we live inside a quantum computer and the operating system could be written on less than ten lines of code.

How much processing power is required to run the Universe?

SETH LLOYD: Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT who builds quantum computers …

It’s been known for more than a hundred years, ever since Maxwell, that all physical systems register and process information.

A few years ago I wrote a paper in Nature called “Fundamental Physical Limits to Computation,” in which I showed that you could rate the information processing power of physical systems.

Using relatively straightforward techniques you can show, for instance, that the number of elementary logical operations per second that you can perform with that amount of energy,

E, is just E/H – well, it’s 2E divided by pi times h-bar. [h-bar is essentially 10[-34] (10 to the -34) Joule- seconds, meaning that you can perform 10[-50] (10 to the 50) ops per second.)]

If you have a kilogram of matter, which has mc2 — or around 10[17] Joules (10 to the 17) Joules — worth of energy.

How much Matter is Required to Power the Universe?

SETH LLOYD: And you ask how many ops per second it could perform, it could perform 10[17] (ten to the 17) Joules / h-bar for a kilogram of matter — about what a laptop computer weighs.

The Computational Capacity of the Universe 10(120) or 10 to the 120th power.

I did this calculation, which was relatively simple. You take first of all, the observed density of matter in the universe, which is roughly one hydrogen atom per cubic meter. The universe is about thirteen billion years old, and using the fact that there are pi times 10[7] (10 to the 7) seconds in a year, you can calculate the total energy that’s available in the whole universe.

Remembering that there’s a certain amount of energy, you then divide by Planck’s Constant — which tells you how many ops per second can be performed — and multiply by the age of the universe, and you get the total number of elementary logical operations that could have been performed since the universe began. You get a number that’s around 10[120] (10 to the 120).

Strange but True – Memories are not stored in the brain

Experiments by Dr. Karl Pribram – memories have no location in the brain

Karl Pribram sought to find answers to the question of how and where memories are stored in the brain. At Yale, began thinking about patients who had portions of their brains removed for medical reasons yet never suffered the loss of the specific memories. Removal of large sections of the brain might be causing a patient’s memory to become hazy, but no one ever came out of surgery with any selective memory loss. Even removal of sections of the temporal lobes did not create any gaps in a person’s memories.

University biologist Paul Pietsch was very skeptical of Pribram’s claims, and sought out to prove them wrong. He devised a series of experiments, and as the test subjects of his experiments he chose salamanders. In previous studies he had discovered that he could remove the brain of a salamander without killing it, and although it remained in a stupor as long as its brain was missing, its behavior completely returned to normal as soon as its brain was restored. He then flip flopped the left and right hemispheres of the salamanders’ brain, but to his dismay, as soon as he recovered, the salamander quickly resumed to normal feeding.

He took another salamander and turned its brain upside down. When it recovered, it too, fed normally. Growing increasingly frustrated, he decided to resort to more drastic measures. In a series of over 700 operations he sliced, flipped, shuffled, subtracted, and even minced the brains of his hapless subjects, but always when he replaced what was left of their brains, their behavior returned to normal.

“We only use 10% of our brain” is just an expression, meant to signify the brains seemingly limitless capacity. Brain mapping proves every section of the brain is engaged at one time or another

Brain surgeries, where 50% or more of the brain tissue was removed, caused no memory loss.

I will end for now with this quote from:

Swami Vivekananda –

“The Atman alone is the real man, the fearless one, the deathless one – the ultimate free, eternal and unchangeable Reality.

Beyond this lies the true nature, the Atman (Soul) that is never born, which never dies, never changes and never goes or comes.

Without birth or death, eternal, ever-existing, free, unchangeable and beyond all conditions is this Soul of man – the real Self of man.”

Patrick C.




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The brain is our fattiest organ, being composed of nearly 60% fat.

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