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How Did This Get Here: ‘Alien’ Objects Seen in Images From Soviet Luna Program

The anomalous artifacts are not parts of the Luna 13 Spacecraft, nor any other spacecraft that landed on the moon before it. Officially, the enigmatic objects in question remain a profound mystery that no one has been able to explain.

Optimized-Luna-13 Alien artifacts

Images taken by the Soviet Luna Space Probes are said to have the ultimate piece of evidence suggesting ‘Alien’ beings might be on the surface of the Moon. After looking at the images which are publicly available on the internet, UFO hunters have discovered several ‘odd’ looking objects on the surface of the moon. These anomalous objects do not appear to be natural formations and do not belong to the Russian Space Probes. What these objects are, remains a profound mystery that no one has been able to explain.

The anomalous lunar artifacts are seen in the Luna 13 Mission in the Panorama 1 and 2 images.

The Luna 13 was an unmanned space probe that belonged to the Soviet ‘Luna Program‘, which became the third spacecraft to reach the moon and land on it.

On December 24, 1966, the Soviet Lunar Probe successfully landed in the region of Oceanus Procellarum at 18°52′ north latitude and 62°3’ west longitude taking several very interesting panoramic images of the moon.

In the incredible panoramic images of the moon, there are a few objects which most definitely should be on the moon. One of the objects in question resembles ‘wheels’ attached to what appears to be an axle.

Even though the mysterious objects were believed by many to have belonged to the Spacecraft, experts have concluded that the items seen in the panoramic image of Luna 13 do not look like any parts that could have belonged to the spacecraft. Interestingly, experts have also pointed out that the object in question does not belong to the two previous space probes that landed on the moon, which by the way, also landed on a different region on the Moon. This means that the anomalous artifacts were not from the Luna Space Program of the Soviet Union and by the looks of it, could not have belonged to any other man-made space probe to make it to the moon.

C_Luna13_2 pan

The RAW Panoramic Image where the mysterious artifacts are seen

To make sure the ‘alien artifacts’ aren’t from any man-made spacecraft, we decided to take a look where similar space probes landed on the Moon:

Luna 2 USSR 12 Sep 59 Sep 14 59 29.10N 0.0

Ranger 4 USA 23 Apr 62 Apr 26 62 15.5S 130.7W

Ranger 6 USA 30 Jan 64 Feb 2 64 M Tranquilit.

Ranger 7 USA 28 Jul 64 Jul 31 64 10.35S 21.58W

Ranger 8 USA 17 Feb 65 Feb 20 65 2.67N 24.65E

Ranger 9 USA 21 Mar 65 Mar 24 65 12.83S 2.37W

Luna 5 USSR 9 May 65 May 65 31S 8E

Luna 7 USSR 4 Oct 65 Oct 65 9N 40W

Luna 8 USSR 3 Dec 65 Dec 65 9:08N 63:18W

Luna 9 USSR 31 Jan 66 Feb 3 66 7:08N 64:33W

Surveyor 1 USA 30 May 66 Jun 2 66 2:27S 43:13W

Lunar O. 1 USA 10 Aug 66 Oct 29 66 7N 161E

Surveyor 2 USA 20 Sep 66 Sep 22 66 S Copernicus

Lunar O. 2 USA 6 Nov 66 Oct 11 67 3N 119.1E

Luna 13 USSR 21 Dec 66 Dec 24 66 18:52N 62:03W

Lunar O. 3 USA 5 Feb 67 Oct 10 67 14.32N 92.7W

Surveyor 3 USA 17 Apr 67 Apr 20 67 2:56S 23:20W

Lunar O. 4 USA 4 May 67 Oct 31 67 ? 22-30W

Surveyor 4 USA 14 Jul 67 Jul 17 67 0:26N 1:20W

Lunar O. 5 USA 1 Aug 67 Jan 31 68 2.79S 83W

Surveyor 5 USA 8 Sep 67 Sep 11 67 1:25N 22:15E

Surveyor 6 USA 6 Nov 67 Nov 10 67 0:25N 1:20W

Surveyor 7 USA 7 Jan 68 Jan 10 68 40:53S 11:26W

Luna 15 USSR 13 Jul 69 Jul 21 69 17N 60E

Apollo 11 USA 16 Jul 69 Jul 20 69 0:41N 23:26E

Apollo 12 USA 14 Nov 69 Nov 19 69 3:11S 23:23W

Luna 16 USSR 12 Sep 70 Sep 20 70 0:41S 56:18E

Luna 17 USSR 10 Nov 70 Nov 17 70 38:18N 35W (Mare Imbrium)

While these anomalous objects photographed in the region of Oceanus Procellarum remain as unexplained, there are numoperues other artifacts seen in the images that simply put, should not be there.

The ‘alien artifacts’ are categorized as ‘unidentified objects’ on the lunar surface and did not come from any unmanned missions to the moon.

While most images we see from Mars or from the moon can be explained logically and are nearly always the result of pareidolia, there are some other images that simply put, cannot be explained rationally. We can honestly say that the anomalous artifacts photographed in the region of Oceanus Procellarum are mindboggling and cannot be naturally-occurring formations from the Moon.

What do you think the mysterious objects are?




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