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Reptilian Control of Earth – Part 4: Illuminati Insider, Giants & The Final False Flag

By staff writer Patrick C.
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Illuminati Insider, Giants & The Final False Flag Event

We continue exposing the ‘Reptilian Control of Earth’ in part 4 with the testimony from a former Illuminati insider. He describes Giants that have begun waking up under the Earth. Exposes “The Old Ones” also known as “The Parents” and why he believes the Illuminati is crumbling from the inside. Also revealed, the Illuminati’s plans to launch a Final False Flag Event.

Let’s get going …


Shane “The Ruiner”, a nickname given to him by the Illuminati for his inability to comply with the programs he was assigned. He “ruined” them by his willfulness not to comply. Shane was running a private blog, a support network for former Illuminati trauma victims, when it was discovered on the internet and was exposed to the public. Several interviews followed with Project Camelot and others.

Shane’s abbreviated testimony below.

“I had the unfortunate pleasure of being born into one of those, blood-line families. Early on, being put in various projects, sort of being bounced from one project to the next, trying to find one that would take, and nothing really did take, so they ended up giving up on me when I was about 15, and from there forward I was doing something a bit different.”

“I was still doing some things within the Illuminati structure but for the most part I was being put through sort of a mentor program outside of it, with an overview of all the various projects. I was given kind of an understanding of how they all fit together, and a little bit about the structure from the very top down.”

“I had got out of doing anything with them when I was about 26 years old, I’m 34 now. Up until recently, when I had worked along side of them for specific projects, and other than that, I stay in touch with a lot of people who have defected from various programs and projects and cults as well as people who are unfortunately still involved with it all.”

When asked if he feels in any danger for coming forward with this information … “No, I’m sure it will upset some people but I don’t feel I’m in kind of physical danger. I had a couple rules put in place a long time ago which was just not to name specific locations or specific names, even that is not a rule that I have to adhere to anymore, but because I made the promise, my own integrity makes it so that I just don’t do those two things. Other than that, there’s really no stipulation between what I do and say and what they are doing.”



“It’s not something that I just recite from memory, none of it was very good. We’ve heard the stories before, thankfully I didn’t have to engage in doing anything to anyone that I regret. So … and that if I ever harmed anyone, I would regret it. Just to qualify that.”

“So thankfully I never ended up getting to that point where a lot of people do, and that’s a different kind of trauma that they need to heal, but I witnessed a lot and was forced to go through a lot myself. The specifics don’t really matter, we’ve heard them before.”

“As an example they would run you through something like MKULTRA, which we’re all familiar with, and those different processes wouldn’t work so they would move me into something that was a little bit more INVASIVE and then that wouldn’t work, I would stay conscious, I wouldn’t black out from the pain. I’m sure a lot of people know of that works, they’re trying to get you to break that “honeycomb”, and there was no way to push me that far.”

“Then from there it was kind of like, well let’s put him in, I’m just arbitrarily throwing these things out there, like a Cloning Program and see how he works out there. Oh well he doesn’t work out there, let’s put him in an Underwater Research Program and see how he works out there, oh doesn’t work out there, let’s put him in Project X, and that’s what I mean by being bounced around between programs. A lot of the conditioning, imprinting, memory erasing, all of that kind of stuff just wouldn’t work and so they had to find other ways to try and keep me contained.”

On witnessing any acts of torture ..

“Very much so, as part of my training. Later on I had to be present at every different type of ritual and the majority of rituals involved some kind of sacrifice, whether that’s rape, or torture, or murder.

So I’ve seen plenty of that, I still have a kind of a block against sort of “blond females” because of how many blond females I’ve seen tortured. Just in a romantic sense I don’t like blond women, so I’ve seen more that I would ever have liked to have seen.” This also included child sacrifice, especially when he was younger.

Shane stated that his parent’s were not involved in this activity nor were any members of his immediate family. In fact it was other extended family members who picked up on his abilities. “The way that a lot of these families work is you’ll have, let’s just say that a man has three daughters, on of the daughters will have children that are all a part of the programs and the other two daughters may not.”

“Helps with compartmentalization and also the plausible deny-ability factors that are required or need to be inserted. That’s not true straight across the board, but certain families kind of work that way. Where they’ll isolate one child, from each string of children, and use them.”

By coming forward, “I’m trying to inspire other people to realize that they’re more powerful than all these things and if I could overcome it, so could many other people who don’t, they just need to believe that they can. To share all the wisdom I’ve acquired going through all of that.”

On what’s really going on with the Secret Space Program, ET Races and Agendas

“There are many different kind of views on what is going to happen and how things will play out. The way that I’ve kind of understood it after gaining all of these different kind of views is that, it’s all just various “potentials”, various things that “could” happen. I don’t think that any of it is set in stone … yet. I think this all comes down to “choices” that we’re making through a time of transition that we’re in right now.”

“So I could tell you one story of what this particular race thinks is going to happen but that’s different than what the Illuminati thinks is going to happen and that’s different than what the Secret Space Program thinks is going to happen, or the Military Industrial Complex thinks is going to happen.”

“The commonality I see between all of it is just a change, that something … that something within us, at a metaphysical as well as a physical level is about to change in a dramatic fashion.

Because this is something that we are witnessing all across the Universe right now, so its kind of gone through its full spin in other places, and everything has been dramatic in terms of … Almost like a spark of evolution everywhere, and so I believe that’s what we’re going to see as well, is a dramatic spark in our own evolution. Maybe balancing some of the things that are out of balance within us.”

“People would say, activating DNA, I would say, correcting certain contradictions in our DNA. I see things like this happening, rather than the Planet being ripped in half, or the poles flipping or anything like that.”


“We’ve kind of reached a point with them where that structure they’ve put together so long ago is ALL FALLING APART and they’re trying to rebuild it, as it falls apart. So a lot of different people would feel a lot more free to speak, because a lot of things, just CRUMBLING.”

“Well what’s happening right now, within the Illuminati, is because of a changing of the guard so to speak, between the Draco, who kind of ran things and then giving that back to, the structure of the Illuminati that they had created. What we’re seeing is a lot of Programs and Projects and Cults being decommissioned so to speak, like being shut down.”

“That causes a lot of infighting. A lot of people are receiving new information, that goes against EVERYTHING they’ve been conditioned to BELIEVE to this point. So there is a lot of infighting going on within all these different Programs, Cults and Projects.”

On individuals being released from MILAB Operations …

“I’m also well aware why we have so many, kind of coming forward and coming to remember, is because of the break down of the MILAB programs. Ever since CLONING was put into full swing, the requirement for a lot of the MILAB associated programs isn’t there anymore so they’ve kind of stopped doing it, closed down a lot of those programs and a lot of those MILABS have been more or less kind of “released” from the experiences they were suffering from, and therefore is why we have a bit of an influx of them coming forward now.”

“It’s the same as in 2006 to 2009 ballpark, where we had a lot of Super Soldiers coming forward, and breaking their commissioning, it’s the same kind of thing, that Cloning had replaced a lot of programs and therefore a lot of people were released.”



A question was asked about a catastrophic event that was suppose to happen in late September, 2015.

“From everything I’ve taken in, it’s more of a gauging of our opinion then something that is actually going to happen. More or less, a lot of this information has leaked into the alternative community, and we all kind of have this date in our mind, and we’re all coming up with theories and ideas behind it, and I think that’s more or less what their trying to gauge.”

“Right now they’re kind of deciding what this Final False Flag Operation will be. Whether the best way is an Alien Invasion method, or some type of Catastrophe method. I think they are more or less looking at this period of time to see how we all react, to determine what that final act will be.”

If “they” wish to learn more about a given subject, a story will be leaked, then the Deep State will monitor the responses and individuals contributing said information. Planted information is also used to gather atypical information received from contactees, either through “channeled” or direct contact with extraterrestrials/interdimensional beings.

When asked what did he mean by final act he said, “a last ditch effort by the Illuminati, because they’re kind of at the end of their plan, so to speak, and they’re trying to, we’ve put up enough of a resistance that we’ve kind of ruined a lot of their plans so they’re trying to solidify things and tighten the noose, finally right now.”

“Tightening the noose, for total control to get us to that One World Government, you know, the end game that we’re all pretty much aware of, what we’ve called the New World Order, some type of One World Government with One World Religion having us under one banner so we can experience trans-humanism at it’s finest.”

The plan has been to move us further away from our natural psychic abilities such as telepathy, second sight, remote viewing, precognition, apportion, clairsentience, clairvoyance, astral projection. The reason behind this should be fairly obvious, control and to weaken our natural abilities even further.

Mark Zuckerberg is working on Mind-Reading brain implants that will allow users to read each others minds. The downside, once it’s installed you’ve given up your power and control to another, who will determine, filter, what you can and can’t “read” over this mind-reading network from that point on. It’s not a great leap to see the opportunities afforded for “implanting” thoughts or editing these wireless conversations.



These formerly human overseers, who have lived for thousands of years, are the “keepers of the bloodlines”, and are the middle men between the Reptilians and the Illuminati. These beings are still here on Earth, but things are changing …

“The Parents, that’s what they call themselves ..“, Shane goes on …

“I speak about them in my blog, they’re what a lot of the Illuminati would call the “Old Ones”, basically their formerly human-like or a human genetic variant that the Draco Reptilians had made. That they gave various life extension technology or methods to, that have allowed them to live for a few thousand years, and they oversee the Illuminati structure as a whole. They work directly for the Draconian’s and monitor the blood lines for them.”

“It’s different (the life extending technology), this thing actually slows down their cellular degeneration to the point where, they seem to live, we’re not sure how long they would actually live, but thousands of years.”

“What they are is, back when the Draco were doing their round a manipulations, they had made an earlier version, before us, that was a little more like them. They shared a lot more of their darker, colder traits and they had selected a group of them and given them life-extending methods in order to be the keeper of all the blood-lines. They would monitor and make all the decisions based on what the Draconian’s told them to do.”

“So kind of like a middle man in between the Draco and the Illuminati, that most of the Illuminati didn’t really know existed until recently. It was a little bit before I started talking about them, and then a lot of other people started hearing about them, and finding out about them, and I started getting a lot of angry responses.”

“Through the blog I explain that, that kind of structure has kind of fallen apart and a lot of the Parents have decided to “walk away”, which is a polite way of saying “KILLING THEMSELVES”, destroying themselves, and so I’ve been updating things on the blog since an initial meeting where a bunch of them all walked away, all at once. More of them have walked away since.”

When asked why they would kill themselves?

“Because that was the only way to end the life extension, otherwise they feel that they would live, maybe not forever but for a very much longer time and they didn’t want to do that. They wanted out. They wanted to take their chances with reincarnation.”

It seems things are not going as planned …


Apparently Giants in stasis around the Earth, under “mounds”, have been unexpectedly waking up. The Illuminati became alarmed and began efforts to deal with the problem. Underground transport systems were used to reach these mounds, the first one being in Canada.

Per Shane, “That was the latest project that I was involved with, that had always been a fascination of mine, so when I was asked to assist with just the dialog between us and them so to speak, I kind of jumped at the opportunity, despite not wanting to rub shoulders with the people I would have to rub shoulders with. I felt somehow intuitively that it was important that I put that aside, and do so anyway.”

“So we went to a few different sites where, that basically the technology that was keeping the beings in stasis was failing, so they were waking up, kind of impromptu or when they shouldn’t have been, and this was cause for concern, for what should be obvious reasons. We don’t need Giants running around on the surface of the planet right now.”

“That’s what I had been involved with, kind of the communication process between us and them. The first one I had gone to visit was 24 feet tall. They even call themselves Giants so that’s kind of the word that we use for them.”

He notes that these are not Anunnaki, but a race of Giants that were created, with a different history and are not originally from this planet, but migrated as refugees from an earlier cataclysm. Shane was exposed to three different physical types of Giants, but noted that this is not a complete list.



“The first one was definitely male, very large, fit and that was the 20 foot tall one. The facial features are very similar to the Easter Island statues, very human like, but very over-sized … everything. Very wise and benevolent and possesses a memory sharing gift that allows another to witness their experiences while peering into their eyes.”

“The second was quite a bit shorter, closer to the 12 to 14 foot, they were very muscular, like bulky, very squared looking, I likened to the Incredible Hulk.”

“And then the last one was also about 22 feet tall, like a giant dark elf or troll. Very lanky and very different looking, its ears were pointed, its nose was pointed, its jaw was pointed. Kind of clumsy almost in its behaviors and very brutish. In trying to converse with it, it didn’t seem very intelligent, I’m sure there is some wisdom in there, but it just didn’t seem that friendly, let’s put it that way.”

Per Shane’s Article Titled – Sleeping Giants: “Giants originate from three different planets and interbreed to to create new species as well. All well planned out and monitored to serve a function. The planet they originate from is also the home of one of our many “Tall Blonde” frequent visitors. The best name your writer knows for the planet is Gionus. It is in an older section of the Galaxy.”

“Due to their size and tendency to grow they would overpopulate their own planet very quickly and so the “Tall Blondes” they shared their planet with began distributing them on developing worlds. The Giants would help developing races build structures as dwellings and even to harness spiritual energy from the planet and cosmos.”

“As generations passed for these giants placed on new (to them) planets they would adjust accordingly to the frequency of their new world. Increasing or decreasing in size or even shape. They would begin to view these new planets as “home” and never have any interest to return elsewhere.”


Shane was selected by the Illuminati to attempt open communications with waking Giants, here is his account.

“Through the communication process I understood that the first two that we’d encountered were of the same race so to speak, but almost like different breeds within the same race, and then the third one was of a different race all together.”

“Communication was something that I would do all along, within the Illuminati structure, mediate meetings, deal with different races as they came across them, and stuff like that so, it was always something I was considered strong at. So I was reached out to and asked if I would be interested in helping with this. There was also an extraterrestrial group that was helping us deal with the matter.”

“So I agreed to do that. The first instance was kind of over with and after that I really didn’t want to do it again, but very quickly afterwards there was a secondary instance so they had asked me, and kind of made me feel as if there was no one else to do it, and so i did it and after that, I had kind of asked to not have to do it anymore.”

“Basically they have to open a hole in the side of one of the mounds, so people can come and go. When we went inside, the pod was there in the middle, kind of a dug out room, and the being inside, you could tell it was alive but still very much asleep.”

“My first encounter, I was with a few other people, people who were also telepathically strong and could potentially communicate with them. There were people who were there for more of the diagnostic side of things, monitoring the machinery and technology involved, and some force or military type backup as well. So it was a matter of waiting for a little while, until everything kind of shut off and “it” started to wake up, and once it started to wake up, it was just a matter of communicating with it.”

“What I was doing initially was both speaking to it in a very, kind of soft, a little bit of a melodic voice, while sending it a telepathic message that “I’m here to help” and giving it some other imagery that would allow it to know who I was. From there it was a long conversation where we had kind of cleared out most of the personnel, and when it was over I went home.”

“Why I don’t like being involved with stuff like this is just having to rub shoulders with the people involved. I don’t like dealing with secretive stuff, I kind of like to be open and honest about things for the most part, I’ve had my fill of dealing with that sort of world.”


When asked what the purpose of these Giants are and why would they be waking up now, Shane responded.

“Well the purpose was just to give us (the Illuminati) a hand during a time of “transition”. Things were expected to go differently and didn’t go the way they had planned. What their actual purpose will be, that’s not something we covered, I’m not actually sure what their purpose will be used for.” Apparently the plan was to weaponize these Giants against humanity, but the Illuminati has found it difficult to “turn” them, as their polarization is more positive. Per Shane,

“Even the more angry type didn’t seem to like the dark side of things very much and seemed to be very upset with them. My interactions with them, I wouldn’t say they are here to help humanity, but they are not enemies of humanity, and aren’t a fan of what the dark side has done with the Planet while they’ve been asleep.”

On the Illuminati performing sacrifices to these Giants …

“There’s certain areas on the Planet where they give them (Giants) sacrifices (human) because that’s what they believe these sleeping Giants want. Blood sacrifices, negative sacrifices, but based on what I’ve learned from the Giants themselves, that’s an incorrect notion.”

On where the Giants he interacted with are now …

“They were taken back, off-world. they were taken “into” another Planet where others like them live, and that’s where they will stay for now anyways. There was some talk about them coming here at some point, but I don’t have details on all that.”

On the status of the remaining Giants …

“What I’m hearing is they are deliberately attempting to wake some of them up in order to, essentially weaponize them, or just get them pissed off enough, they could potentially weaponize them. Which was one of the original purposes.”


“All three types of Giants lived on earth between 35 and 13 thousand years ago mainly, some smaller tribes lasting right up until quite recently. They helped humanity rebuild after the destruction and offered whatever guidance they could. When the Draco Reptilians arrived they fought them. Many were killed. Many were captured. Some escaped.”

“Many of those who escaped elected to be placed in stasis on earth. To be awoken when the Draco rule was ended. Some of the smaller tribes were left alone or remained of the radar well enough to avoid the attention of the Draco. The Draco also placed many who they captured in stasis as well, in case they ever became useful, and some were used as slaves for a time.”


“I’m very well aware of A.I. Technology, it’s one of the things that I was tested against communication wise. Like one of the things I was asked to communicate while I was a part of the program, was communicating with various A.I. technology or A.I. consciousnesses I guess you could say. So it’s something that I’m very familiar with and same with the Black Goo technology, both the “Natural” and the “Alien” Black Goo.”

“The part that I kind of see people missing is that the A.I. is running something, very similar to, which if you were to see it, it would look very much like the Black Goo as well.” Shane confirmed that some of the oil, that we put in our cars, actually contains A.I. Black Goo intelligence. “Yes, and then it burns and more or less, powers the nanites involved with A.I.”


These creatures were described in Part 3 and here is more corroborating evidence of their existence: Shane, “Yes I’ve definitely come in contact with “that” before”. The interviewer Kerry Cassidy also confirmed that she herself had personally seen this species.

More to come,

Thanks for listening,

Patrick C.

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