Secret Code in Mayan Tzolkin Calendar Supposedly Unlocks Time Portals

The Mayan calendar has often been at the forefront of conspiracy theories and doomsday predictions, but a new bizarre claim alleges it contains the secrets of time travel.

Timothy Alan, who claims to have spent the past five years studying the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, believes he has finally cracked its mysteries.

In a desperate plea to get the word of his research out to the world, Mr Alan uploaded part of his research to YouTube, where he explained his startling discoveries.

He said: “Hey there collective consciousness of this planet called Earth.

“I just wanted to share with you my work over the last five years in as quick a time as possible.

“I found this hidden code in the Mayan calendar that unlocks what you can see here – a vortex-quantumatics like a quantum agreement for a spiritual technology. It’s a multidimensional language.

“I found it hidden in the Mayan calendar.”

According to Mr Alan, his findings are absolutely real and have been verified by a Guatemalan Mayan elder as a “legitimate code found within the Mayan calendar.

The supposedly unlocked code comes in the form of a quantum encoded light fractal of consciousness that holds the multi-dimensional multi-verse together.

Mr Alan said: “The Mayan calendar was invented to map the evolution of human consciousness.

“It is the key into understanding the truth of being human – if there is some left.”

Mr Alan has now claimed the secrets codes of the calendar have allowed to him to chart and produce a “divine” time travel map.

According to his questionable research, there are two types of portals present – personal vision portals and passage of time portals.

He said the fruits of his works need to get there to untether humanity from the constraints of money and corporate greed.

The reasoning for this being that widespread access to what he described as free spiritual technology will stop our dependancy on money.

He added: “All this calendar stuff keeps on coming. It’s like the Da Vinci code – some sort of cosmic Da Vinci code that opened.”

But what are the odds any of this research has any sort of reflection in reality?

Scores of conspiracy theories claims ancient calendars, such as the Mayan one, contain the secrets of the cosmos.

Mr Alan claims to have unlocked codes and keys in the ancient calendar

Mr Alan claims to have unlocked codes and keys in the ancient calendar

The Mayan calendar shot to prominence in 2012 when doom mongers tried to convince the world the Mayans have predicted the end of the time in the year 2012.

But the conspiracy, along many others, was quickly debunked by those whose life is dedicated to science.

Scientist Erik Klemetti explained: “The Maya apocalypse is just another in a long line of wild apocalyptical theories that have likely be occurring since, well, the dawn of man.

“There have been so many false ‘end times’ predictions that, as Riley Finn put it: ‘It turns out I suddenly find myself needing to know the plural of apocalypse.’”

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