World Asteroid Day: How We Can Protect Earth from a Catastrophic Space Rock Impact

JUNE 30 marks World Asteroid Day where esteemed experts will meet and discuss the growing threat of an asteroid strike on Earth. Our planet has been under constant threat from asteroids since the beginning, with the most famous collision undoubtedly coming 66million years ago when the dinosaurs were condemned to a brutal death. Although it is near-impossible for scientists to … Continue reading

EXPERTS WARN: We Are Not Protected From Asteroids And An Impact Could Be World Ending

LIFE on our planet is at grave risk of being DESTROYED by massive space rocks, experts have warned. This summer, on June 30, the second annual Asteroid Day will comes exactly 108 years after a large meteorite exploded over the skies of the Russian countryside. Scientists fear not enough is being done to protect us from asteroids and have highlighted … Continue reading