Report Calls for NASA To “Ramp Up” Its Efforts To Find Alien Life

A new report says that NASA should rethink its search for alien life, and hunt not just for life as we know it – but life as we don’t know it, too. Released by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, the report – mandated by Congress – focused on astrobiology, and the search for life elsewhere in the … Continue reading

Primitive Plants Survival in Space Supports Theory that Comets and Meteorites May Have Brought Life to Otherwise Sterile Planets

Primitive plants are the latest forms of Earth life to show they can survive in the harshness of space, and for many months. Cold-loving algae from the Arctic Circle have joined the space-travelling club, alongside bacteria, lichens and even simple animals called tardigrades. Preliminary studies of the algae after their return to Earth from the International Space Station lend some … Continue reading

Astronauts Exposed to Excessive Radiation in Deep Space

By Nancy Loyan Schuemann March 2016 via MysteriousUniverse Recently, astronaut Scott Kelly returned to earth after an American record-setting 340 days in the International Space Station. The effects of lengthy space exploration on the human body are of concern to scientists. With planned missions to Mars and other long-haul destinations, scientists are researching the effects of long-term radiation exposure. Though … Continue reading