NASA Mission to Stop KILLER Asteroid: Giant Rock Could Kill Millions in 150 Years

NASA has launched a futuristic probe that could prove to be one of the most important missions into space in history – as it may STOP a killer asteroid smashing into Earth. The unmanned OSIRIS-REx space craft launched on Thursday, with the target of landing on the potentially deadly asteroid Bennu by 2018. In a further five years it should … Continue reading

The Extinction-Level Asteroid That Could Kill Us All in 2175

Meet 101955 Bennu. There’s no reason to be alarmed, but scientists say a 1,500-foot-wide asteroid might slam into Earth in 2175, potentially killing us all. The asteroid, named 101955 Bennu, has been orbiting the Sun for some time now, completely circling it every six years. But scientists recently told CTV News that at its current trajectory, it would have a … Continue reading

NASA Fears Large Asteroid Could Hit Earth – Plans to Launch Study of the Space Rock

NASA is planning to launch a probe to study an asteroid that could one day pulverize the Earth. The asteroid, named Bennu, crosses Earth’s orbit once every six years and has gotten ever closer since it was discovered in 1999, astronomers told the Sunday Times of London (paywall). In 2135, Bennu will fly between the moon and Earth — a … Continue reading