China Plans Manned Moon Mission by End of Decade

Earlier this year, NASA administrator Bill Nelson described Washington and Beijing as entering a “space race” after the US announced plans to put American astronauts back on the Moon in 2025. via RT China is planning to send astronauts to the Moon by 2030, Lin Xiqiang, deputy director of the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), announced on Monday. He added … Continue reading

Scientists Develop Metallic Robots That Can Turn Liquid to Pass Through Obstacles

Shades of T-1000 from Terminator 2! by Andrei Dergalin via sputnuiknews image: kalhh-Pixabay The new robots demonstrated, among other things, an ability to pass through a grid by switching to a liquid form before returning to their solid state on the other side. A team of Chinese researchers has developed a peculiar type of miniature robot that can change its … Continue reading

China Could Claim Parts of Moon – NASA

” “China within the last decade has had enormous success and advances” in its space program…” “ via RT Beijing’s space program has achieved “enormous success” over the past decade, agency chief Bill Nelson acknowledges. China may try to gain control of the most resource-rich locations on the Moon if it wins the competition against the US for Earth’s only … Continue reading

China to Have Nuclear Powered Moon Base by 2028, Lunar Exploration Chief Says

“”We are currently developing a new energy system where nuclear energy can provide high-power and long-time supply.”” by Fantine Gardinier via sputniknews Leading the charge in a new generation of lunar exploration has been the China National Space Administration (CNSA), which has dispatched several probes to the moon from its Chang’e series. They have explored the far side of the … Continue reading

China Says it Launched Stable Magnetic Field More Than a Million Times Stronger Than Earth’s

“…their hybrid magnet attained a steady magnetic field of 45.22 tesla – more than a million times stronger than that of the Earth…” by Svetlana Ekimenko via sputniknews Since 1999, the record for a steady magnetic field of 45 tesla has been held by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) in Florida in the US. Scientists in China claim … Continue reading

Covid Origin Studies Say Evidence Points to Wuhan Market

“…evidence paints a picture that Sars-Cov-2 was present in live mammals that were sold at Huanan market in late 2019.” by Victoria Gill – Science correspondent BBC News via yahoonews Scientists say there is “compelling evidence” that Wuhan’s Huanan seafood and wildlife market was at the centre of the Covid-19 outbreak. Two peer-reviewed studies published on Tuesday re-examine information from … Continue reading

China Says it May Have Received Signals from Aliens

“”These are several narrow-band electromagnetic signals different from the past, and the team is currently working on further investigation,” Zhang Tongjie, head scientist at the China Extraterrestrial Civilization Research Group at Beijing Normal University…” by Ben Turner via Live Science image: NAO/FAST Scientists have yet to rule out human radio interference as the signals’ source. China is claiming that its … Continue reading

China to Build Space ‘Defense System’ to Deflect Possible Asteroid Impact by 2025

“No known asteroid capable of inflicting serious damage is on a collision course with Earth in the next 100 years, NASA said last October. However, the agency added that 60% of such space rock might in fact remain undiscovered.” via RT FILE PHOTO. © Global Look Press / JPL / NASA China seeks to build a system capable of effectively … Continue reading

New Coronavirus Strain Discovered

“…the scientists warn of a “potential bio-safety threat” for humans, “with both high fatality and transmission rate.”” via RT Image: Unsplash Chinese scientists have warned of “a potential bio-safety threat” presented by a new strain of coronavirus, which, subject to mutation, may be passed from animals to humans and cannot be “cross-neutralized” by Covid-targeting antibodies. The researchers, most of whom … Continue reading

AI prosecuter_214
Chinese Scientists Develop AI ‘Prosecutor’ that Can Press its Own Charges

“Making such decisions would require a machine to identify and remove any contents of a case file that are irrelevant to a crime, without removing the useful information. The machine would also need to convert complex, ever-changing human language into a standard mathematical or geometric format that a computer could understand.” What could possibly go wrong lol By Stephen Chen … Continue reading

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