Strange Christmas

This video looks at four cases including one from Michigan in which a husband and wife claim they encountered a real “Bumble” at a Christmas display; one from California in which a man awoke one Christmas morning to the sight of one of Santa’s elves peering into his window; a case from Pennsylvania in which a man claims he had … Continue reading

Star of Bethlehem feature012
Astronomers Attempt to Identify Wise Men’s ‘Star of Bethlehem’ from Christmas Gospel Story

by Morgan Artyukhina via Sputniknews Every Christmas nativity scene includes wise men who brought exotic gifts to the baby Jesus in a Bethlehem manger, guided by a special star. For centuries, astronomers have pondered over the story, turning a scientific eye at what exactly appeared in the sky over ancient Judea. It’s a key part of the Christmas story: according … Continue reading

The Astronomy of The ‘Star Of Bethlehem’

One of the classic images of the Christmas holiday is that of three wise men or kings traveling to Bethlehem, over which hangs a brilliant star. The Star of Bethlehem has its roots in the opening verses of the Gospel of Matthew, which states: Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, … Continue reading

Cat Attacks Man Unwrapping Christmas Present in Macon, Georgia

Overexcited grown man attacked by cat Paws off the Christmas presents! Andrew Woodward, of Georgia, was enthusiastically ripping the wrapping paper off his new PlayStation 4 on Sunday when his cat pounced on him and viciously clawed at his head and neck. Video of the incident was posted to Facebook by Woodward’s friend Jessica Freeman and had been shared nearly … Continue reading

Potentially Hazardous Christmas Eve Asteroid Fly By Sparks Fears

A massive asteroid flying by Earth on 2015 Christmas Eve has scientists on edge. While NASA is downplaying the threat to human life and property, conspiracy theorists and several experts say space rock 2003 SD220 is larger than believed and has the potential to cause deadly earthquakes and eruptions from dormant volcanoes. According to a Sun report, the Christmas Eve asteroid … Continue reading