The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.
Conspiracy Theory Claims the Internet is ‘Fake’

“Some believe that ‘the government’ is secretly behind it all…” via Unexplained-Mysteries Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Junior Melo A growing number of people seem to believe that the ‘real’ Internet went offline several years ago. We’ve seen more than our fair share of ‘out there’ conspiracy theories over the years, featuring ideas and concepts ranging from the potentially feasible … Continue reading

sun weapon
Hackers May Have Infiltrated NM Solar Observatory, Gained Control of Sun Weapon

While we still haven’t been given any “official” explanation for the mysterious sudden evacuation and shutdown of the Solar Observatory in Sunspot New Mexico, a whistleblower has revealed some interesting information and if true is still pretty sensational, even though it may not (or may) have been aliens. via Intellihub: In what can only be considered one of the most … Continue reading

CERN Threw Us into an Alternate Dimension Says ‘Genius’ Kid

The CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) facility in Switzerland has been a subject of conspiracy theory for several years now. A fundamental part of the Internet’s history lies in CERN. Some people believe CERN’s particle accelerator is capable of ripping a hole in the fabric of time and space, or this dimension. And others believe that occultists in … Continue reading

Mysterious Unidentified Mountain-Sized Object Found Crawling Across Pacific Floor

An unusual object of surprising size was spotted potentially crawling across the floor of the Pacific Ocean, some 3,000 feet below the surface. The object has a 2.5-mile diameter and some have speculated that it seems artificial. The object has apparently left a 41-mile track behind it, as it rolls along the seabed, offshore of the California coast. The tracks … Continue reading

Russian Lunar Mission May Finally Put End to Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

A group of Russian engineers and space enthusiast aim to develop and launch a satellite to check the “lunar conspiracy” theory: the satellite will take pictures of footprints and the lunar rovers, American Apollos and Soviet Lunokhods (“Moonwalkers”) left on the Moon. Russian space enthusiast Vitaly Egorov, who initiated the project, told Sputnik about the satellite development. “I have been … Continue reading

Spoon Found On Mars In NASA Photo ‘Proves Intelligent Life Existed on the Red Planet’

IS this a petrified relic from a lost civilisation that once inhabited Mars, or just an amusing optical illusion? It depends who you believe. Alien chasers are convinced it is a dust-coated spoon left by a race that perished on Mars. There is a growing conspiracy theory begun by US scientist Dr John Brandenburg, that there was intelligent life on … Continue reading

Did WikiLeaks Prove the Illuminati Exists? SECRET US Government Rockefeller Talks Revealed

WIKILEAKS has released a cable showing the US Government had secret talks with a member of the Rockefeller family over where to hide the family of the disposed shah after the Iranian revolution. The release, which details top-secret dealings between then Secretery of State Henry Kissinger, and business tycoon David Rockefeller, is likely to fuel one of the longest running … Continue reading

Fake News Story Led Man to Shoot inside Washington Pizza Shop, Police Say

The bizarre rumours began with a leaked email referencing Hillary Clinton and pizza parties. It morphed into fake online news stories about a child sex trafficking ring operating out of a popular Washington, D.C., pizza joint. On Sunday, it culminated in violence when police say a North Carolina man fired a rifle inside the Comet Ping Pong restaurant as he … Continue reading

Wikileaks John Podesta War in Space, UFOs and the Elite – Part 1

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 Wikileaks just dropped a bomb with its recently released John Podesta email dump, which by the way, only represents 1% of what will be released to the public before the November election. Some of the “conspiracy theories” confirmed by this release include: humanity has been in contact with “Cosmic Cultures”, a … Continue reading

nibiru jan21
Are Our Governments Hiding Planet X?

In the 1980’s, NASA discovered a mysterious planet on the outer edges of our solar system. It has come to be known as Planet X, or Nibiru.

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The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.