In China, in 2013, scientists were able to grow a human tooth from scratch using stem cells taken from urine.
Scientists Explain What Actually Happens When You Die!

Death is an integral part of life. At the same time, dying has always been accompanied by some central questions that we cannot all answer. What exactly happens when we die? How do we feel when we leave life? And last but not least: is there really such a thing as life after death? The Unknown List YouTube IF YOU … Continue reading

In a World-First, Researchers Record the Brain Waves of a Dying Patient

“Even as humanity strives to learn more about the death of stars, there is a lot that we do not know about our deaths.” By Ameya Paleja via Interesting Engineering Image: chaikom/iStock Does the brain replay our best memories? Our brains are pretty active and coordinated even as the body meets its demise. Researchers captured brainwaves during an individual’s death … Continue reading

I Traveled to Other Planets During My Near Death Experience

Have you ever wondered what happens to us when we die? Some people experience NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and no longer have to wonder. Have you ever experienced it? IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

Jeff Bezos’ New Startup Company Aims to Cheat Death

“…Jeff Bezos who, not content with sending tourists into space, is now looking to find a way to live forever as well.” via unexplained-mysteries Image credit: @Sigmund The billionaire entrepreneur is channeling his money into an attempt to develop immortality technology. Mankind has been obsessed with gaining immortality for thousands of years, but even despite the incredible advances in science … Continue reading

Eyes Hold Key to Predicting Imminent Death – Study

““Large retinal age gaps in years were significantly associated with 49%-67% higher risks of death, other than from cardiovascular disease or cancer,” researchers found. They also suggested this could be used as a screening tool, measuring the retina’s age to predict increased mortality risk.” via RT A new, “reliable indicator” of a person’s health problems, ones that may cause early … Continue reading

‘Dead’ Man is Found Alive After Night in Morgue Freezer

Can you just imagine if he had regained consciousness while in there with no light, cold and quiet?! via Unexplained-Mysteries Headline Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Conlondave A man in India who was involved in a motorcycle accident was not quite as dead as doctors had believed. 45-year-old Srikesh Kumar, who sustained serious injuries after being hit by a motorcycle … Continue reading

Wealthy Entrepreneur Offers $1M for Proof of Life After Death

A question everyone would surely like to know the answer to, but I wonder if it is even possible to ever get a convincing answer that would leave no doubts. via unexplained-mysteries: Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow is offering a $1M prize pot for the most compelling evidence of an afterlife. The Bigelow Aerospace founder is certainly no stranger to the unexplained, … Continue reading

This Mushroom Suit ‘Eats’ Your Body After You Die

With all the focus on how we can reduce our carbon footprint in our lifetime, most of us forget that we continue to have a significant impact on the environment long after we die, thanks to our toxin-riddled funeral industry. But a team of designers has come up with a more eco-friendly option – a jumpsuit woven from mushroom-spore-infused thread … Continue reading

Are Near-Death Experiences Just Illusions ?

Some patients who ‘died’ for a short period have reported things that they couldn’t possibly have known about. Seeing events flashing before your eyes, observing a bright light at the end of a tunnel or feeling as though you are floating above your own body are just some of the things commonly described by patients who have had a near-death … Continue reading

Researchers Believe Death is Just an Illusion

According to researchers from US, death is an illusion that is created by our conscience. Life does not end when someone dies. This theory explains that death is just a change to a different level of existence. We usually associate ourselves with our bodies. However, when the body dies, the consciousness does not end. The researchers explained that there are … Continue reading

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In China, in 2013, scientists were able to grow a human tooth from scratch using stem cells taken from urine.