Jupiter is bigger than all the other planets combined.
Dying May Not Be As Awful An Experience As You Imagine It

Does the very idea of death worry and frighten you? There may be reassurance from a new study that finds those fears might be exaggerated. In fact, the research shows, death is often described as a peaceful, “unexpectedly positive” experience by those who approach it. Death is one of life’s guarantees, yet it’s something people often avoid talking about, according … Continue reading

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Life After Death

By staff writer Roger Conner BENDEDREALITY.COM – May 2017 In a recent debate about whether there’s life after death, a highly qualified brain surgeon served on the “Pro” panel as he had experienced death and came back. He affirmed that his experience was very real – even more so than his present reality now. He had contracted a case of … Continue reading

Paranormal Experiences Reported by 55% of Nurses, Study Finds

Nurses are often first-hand witnesses to the deaths of terminally ill patients under medical care. For that reason, nurses have a unique opportunity to observe the moments just before and after death that most individuals rarely get to see. It’s natural, then, that nurses might catch a glimpse behind the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead … Continue reading

Anomolus Brain Activity Present as Much as 10 Minutes After Death

Doctors in a Canadian intensive care unit have stumbled on a very strange case – when life support was turned off for four terminal patients, one of them showed persistent brain activity even after they were declared clinically dead. For more than 10 minutes after doctors confirmed death through a range of observations, including the absence of a pulse and … Continue reading

The Body Knows When Death Nears — It All Begins in the Nose

It has been noted that individuals who are close to death often engage in a sudden flurry of activity in the final days of their lives. People are known to seek to make amends in troubled relationships, confess to prior transgressions and put their financial affairs in order on the very eve of their death. While some people have suggested … Continue reading

You Really Do See Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes Before You Die, Study Suggests

Your life really does flash before your eyes when you die, a study suggests – with the parts of the brain that store memories last to be affected as other functions fail. Research on those who have had “near death” experiences suggests that the phenomenon rarely involves flashbacks in chronological order, as happens in Hollywood films. Participants said that there … Continue reading

Communicating From Beyond the Grave? New Technology Forcing Us to Confront Ethics of Bringing People Back from the Dead

Imagine you have a close friend you frequently communicate with via text. One day, they suddenly die. You reel, you cry, you attend their funeral. Then you decide to pick up your phone and send them a message, just like old times. “I miss you,” you type. A little response bubble appears at the bottom of the screen. “I miss … Continue reading

Man Who was Clinically Dead for an Hour ‘I Saw Heaven, I met Dead Friends’

A MAN who was clinically dead for more than an hour has described how he went to Heaven and was reunited with his dead friends before returning to Earth. Dr Gary Wood was 18-years-old when he and his sister were involved in a serious car crash. Dr Wood and his then 16-year-old sister Sue were travelling home when he crashed … Continue reading

Is Death Just an ILLUSION? Consciousness CONTINUES in Alternate Universe, Scientist Claims

DEATH is an illusion and our consciousness simply transcends to an alternative universe, according to an astonishing theory. Dr Robert Lanza, a scientist and theoretician, claims there is no such thing as death – just death of the body. He believes our minds exist through energy which is contained in our bodies and is released once our physical beings cease … Continue reading

Researchers Claim that Humans Have Souls Which Can Live on after Death

The idea that human consciousness lives on after death has been put forward by a number of well-respected scientists Scientists have claimed that death may not be as final as we once feared – and that humans have souls that can leave the body after their hosts kick the bucket. It may sound like a supernatural myth, but the idea … Continue reading

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Jupiter is bigger than all the other planets combined.