Dogs May Use Earth’s Magnetic Field to Take Shortcuts

Dogs are renowned for their world-class noses, but a new study suggests they may have an additional — albeit hidden — sensory talent: a magnetic compass. The sense appears to allow them to use Earth’s magnetic field to calculate shortcuts in unfamiliar terrain. The finding is a first in dogs, says Catherine Lohmann, a biologist at the University of North … Continue reading

Cross Species Communication: Why Do Humans Talk to Animals If They Can’t Understand?

The tendency to converse with dogs, cats, and hamsters ultimately says more about people than it does about their pets. “Do you think it’s weird that I tell Nermal I love her multiple times a day?” My sister’s question was muffled, her face stuffed in the fur of her six-month-old kitten (named for the cat from Garfield). We were sitting … Continue reading

Are Cats and Dogs Able to See ‘Spirits’? Science Has Verified They Can See Frequencies We Can’t

I have had first hand experience where my cat would stare suddenly at a spot on the wall and not look away for an extended period of time. Keep in mind there was no sound coming from (that I could hear anyway) and no insect or other critter on the spot he stared at. It was very chilling. I later … Continue reading

Cats and Dogs are Equally Intelligent – New Research Shows

Cats and dogs are more mentally evenly matched than previously thought. It is a question that for centuries dog lovers and cat lovers have fought over like, well, cats and dogs: which animal is more intelligent? Now scientists in Japan appear finally to have settled the matter by proving cats are just as good as their canine counterparts at various … Continue reading

Should You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face?

It seems harmless enough. You get nose to nose with your dog and talk to it as it laps at your mouth and cheeks with its tongue, or you come home from work and bring your lips to your dog’s in a greeting to say hello. It may feel like the ultimate display of affection, but when it comes to … Continue reading

Weird Machine Enables a Dog to Pet Its Owner

What if your dog was able to pet you back ? A bizarre contraption called the ‘Affectionator’ gives a dog the chance to pat its owner on the head. We’ve featured some peculiar inventions on the site over the years but this one – a dog-operated petting machine developed by YouTuber ‘bd594’ – is perhaps the single most bizarre of … Continue reading