Astronauts Confess about Mysterious Things They’ve Seen and Experienced in Space!

Anyone who has ever had the indescribable good fortune to fly into space has always described the experience as incomparably memorable. The majestic view of our home planet as it spins in space, so quiet and peaceful from a distance, is likely to have left a lasting impression on all astronauts. However, not all reports of the space travelers’ experiences … Continue reading

Mysterious Figure Wisconsin Nov 2020
Eerie ‘Tentacled’ Figure Appears in Doorway

Video footage shows a mysterious, unidentified figure peering around a door way. The unsettling footage was reportedly filmed inside a house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin via unexplained-mysteries: Recorded just before midnight on November 7th, the footage shows a human figure briefly emerging from the doorway of what is believed to be the room where the homeowner’s baby is sleeping. While this … Continue reading