High Speed UFOs Caught on Drone Cam over Utah

Two UFO Fastwalkers flying at high speed were recorded by a Mavic 2 Pro drone over Moah, Utah on June 11, 2021 “UFOs? These two objects flew from the horizon and within seconds past my drone. I’ve filmed allot of weird stuff but I have no idea what these are.” James Cawley YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL … Continue reading

Fastwalker UFO South Korea June 2020
Disk-Shaped UFO Fastwalker Recorded by Drone as it Flew Past

The following video shows a disk-shaped UFO Fastwalker flying right past a drone at an incredible speed. The object was captured by a drone in South Korea on June 2, 2020. IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

UFO Fastwalker Germany 2020
Fastwalker UFO Travels at Nearly 4000 km/h over West Germany

A fastwalker UFO was discovered during editing of drone footage recorded on August 8, 2020 The super fast UFO travelled at almost 4000kmh over Saarland, West-Germany. It comes into view of the drone camera at a distance of at least 1 kilometer from the drone flying the 1 kilometer in just 1 second, that makes 3,600 km/h, as fast as … Continue reading

ufo-fastwalker  golden-gate-bridge
UFO Moves across the Golden Gate Bridge at Tremendous Speeds

After reviewing some of his drone footage from a San Francisco trip this past September, the drone owner came across an entity moving across the Golden Gate Bridge at tremendous speeds. The object which has no visible source of propulsion, wings or tail moves in ways that is not physically normal. Besides the possibility that it is a secret military … Continue reading

Fastwalker Argentina Aug 2020
Fastwalker Recorded by Drone Cam over Entre Ríos Province, Argentina

Mysterious fastwalkers are flying through our skies without us being able to see them with the naked eye, but are picked up on high speed drone cameras. This drone footage shows a fastwalker flying through the skies at an incredible speed over Villa Valle María, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina on August 22, 2020. The drone at that time was 400 … Continue reading

Fastwalker UFO-00909
Wingless UFO With No visible Signs of Propulsion Filmed over Floyd, Virginia

While flying a drone over Buffalo Mountain in Floyd Virginia some time ago, Paul Stoutamire recorded what is known as a “fastwalker’. The mountain has an elevation of 3,971 feet, and Paul’s drone was flying about 350 feet above the peak. “I can’t figure out what the object is that flew underneath me at an impossible rate of speed. According … Continue reading

Fastwalker UFO Picked up on Drone Cam over Medvednica, Croatia

On May 10, 2020 while shooting material for his video with his drone, the owner noticed a white object moving at high speed towards the drone, but he was unable to explain what it could be. “Quite an ordinary day at Medvednica, I was shooting video material for my video with a drone and in the montage I noticed a … Continue reading

UFO Fastwalker drone
Footage of ‘Fastwalker’ Taken by Drone in Argentina Reveals Great Detail

Since drones have become easily accessible there has been a rise in drone owners catching incredible sightings of UFOs via their drone cameras. On July 14, 2019 a drone captured a ‘Fastwalker’ in Argentina. It was captured with the drone Dji Phantom in Mar Chiquita, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is located 34 kilometers from the city of Mar … Continue reading

High Speed UFO Performs Gravity Defying 90 Degrees Course Change Without Slowing

Am incredible piece of footage was discovered from a video that was made in 2013 in Thailand, near Doi Ang Khangas as a couple were selecting video material for their wedding video. What we see is yet another incident of a Fastwalker UFO. Incredibly the UFO abruptly makes a 90-degree turn without slowing. Is it possible that these fastwalkers are … Continue reading

UFO Fastwalker Spain_2019
UFO Fastwalker Recorded by Drone Camera over a Mountain in Rioja, Spain

Recordings of fastwalker UFOs have been on the rise it seems since the availability of drones has become mainstream, ‘fastwalkers are being inadvertently recorded on the drone cameras. Just recently a UFO fastwalker was recorded over Utah near Area 51, and now this one in Spain. The footage was captured by a drone owner in Rioja, Spain, we see the … Continue reading

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