America once issued a 5-cent bill.
Fireball Canada Aug 2020
Meteor Fireball Streaks over Prince Edward Island, Canada During Perseid Meteor Shower

People in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in Canada spotted a ‘fireball’ streaking across the night sky on Tuesday, August 11, during the Perseid meteor shower, reports said. Prince Edward Island resident Matthew Sentner shared this video showing the bright streak seen from Cavendish on Tuesday evening. The annual Perseid meteor shower, likely to produce “a few meteors, including … Continue reading

Fireball Streak April 2020 Spain and Portugal
Slow Moving Fireball Seen over Parts of Spain and Portugal

Residents of Portugal spotted a bright fiery object streaking across the sky over the country. Based on reports by eyewitnesses, it seems a small asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere and turned into a meteor fireball over Portugal. Details of the incident were reported by the American Meteor Society (AMS). According to the organization, the fireball incident was spotted by eyewitnesses from … Continue reading

Fireball Arizona Feb2020
Fireball Recorded Streaking over Arizona Sky

A dashcam belonging to a resident of Tucson, Arizona, captured clear footage of a possible meteor streaking through the morning sky earlier this week – adding to the growing number of reported events in the state. YouTuber S Paris reported on Wednesday that he had observed a bright object falling through the sky around 5:35 a.m. local time that day … Continue reading

Astronomers Search for Meteorite that Fell on Abu Dhabi Desert, UAE (UPDATED)

Astronomers are searching for the remains of a fireball that fell from the sky into the Abu Dhabi desert. The meteorite is believed to have landed south of Al Wathba after being captured on camera by Abu Dhabi’s Astronomy Centre. Meteorites can contain grains of stardust older than our solar system and hold information about its formation and the geological … Continue reading

Giant Fireball Seen in the Skies over Peru Sparks Alien Sighting Rumors

Here at Outer Places, we pride ourselves in being both believers and skeptics in equal proportion. When Peruvian residents saw a giant fireball careening through the sky before crashing in southeastern Peru earlier this week, they were understandably shaken. And though the Peruvian air force has since explained the event as the remains of a satellite, they were understandably skeptical. … Continue reading

Mysterious Satellite Falls to Earth in Fireball

As you will read, it is being said by that the objects are fuel tanks, are they? or maybe they are extra-terrestrial in origin? Via RT: A mysterious fireball spotted over Peru on Saturday turned out to be part of an old satellite falling to Earth. The Peruvian Air Force was quick to reveal the source of the flames after … Continue reading

Huge Fireball Closes Out 2017 for UK Residents (VIDEOS)

As residents across the UK were finishing last-minute preparations for their New Year’s Eve celebrations, many were treated to a spectacular display of extraterrestrial pyrotechnics to end 2017 in style. At least 679 reports were made to the International Meteor Organization overnight about the eerie emerald-hued visitor, predominantly in England and Scotland. Probably one of the last bright fireball of … Continue reading

Rural Canadian Sky Lit Up by Mysterious Fireball

A streak of fire briefly illuminated the skies above western Canada on Friday night, crossing over large parts of both Saskatchewan and Alberta, intriguing and scaring residents in equal measure. There were a total of 11 sightings officially reported by the American Meteor Society, but videos of the mysterious phenomenon fuelled speculation online that ranged from the object being a … Continue reading

Bright Exploding Meteor Fireball Recorded over Northern Germany

The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received 23 reports of a bright meteor fireball exploding over northern Germany around 20:56 UT on November 6, 2017. The event (#4145-2017) was also observed from the neighbouring countries of Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, and France. NASA’s own space data supports citizens’ recent observations that meteor fireballs are increasing dramatically. SOTT IF YOU ENJOY … Continue reading

Huge Meteor Fireball Spotted Streaking over Bellingham Bay Washington

Firefighters searched Bellingham Bay and the surrounding shoreline Tuesday night after least two Whatcom County residents called 911, reporting they had seen an aircraft engulfed in flames crash into Bellingham Bay. What people likely saw was a fireball, officials said — but one more properly called a meteor. Several Whatcom County residents saw it, too, but they recognized the blazing … Continue reading

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America once issued a 5-cent bill.