These Hungry Goats Learned to Branch Out

No, this is not an illustration from a book by Dr. Seuss. These domestic goats live in southwestern Morocco, where the climate is dry and in some seasons the only available forage is in the trees. So the goats climb up to get it. Goats are good climbers — some sure-footed species live happily on mountains, leaping from ledge to … Continue reading

Pet Goat Saves Family from Fire

It turns out that goats work well as smoke alarms. Young Abigail Bruce’s new four-legged friend played a crucial role in saving her family’s lives. Abigail’s father, Nick Bruce, admitted that when he found out that ‘Speedy’ the goat was to became the newest member of their household he was less than enthusiastic about the prospect. This would soon be … Continue reading

On left, Xenia. On right, Stanwood, a LaMancha who is over 10 years old. (Kevin Horan)
These May be the Most Magnificent Portraits of Goats and Sheep You’ll Ever See

When photographer Kevin Horan moved into a house on quaint Whidbey Island in Washington state, along with it came a small herd of woolly neighbors. Whenever he came or went, he was greeted enthusiastically by a chorus of bleats. “Soprano, bass, raspy, soft, quick, slow: they were all different. It occurred to me these creatures were all individuals,” Horan said … Continue reading

Goats Would Make Good Pets, Say Scientists

Would you keep a goat as a pet? Goats are as loving and clever as dogs, say smitten scientists They may seem an unusual candidate for the title of man’s best friend, but scientists have suggested that goats could rival dogs in forming an emotional bond with their owners. Researchers from Queen Mary University of London aim to prove that … Continue reading