Could Jesus Have Been An Alien?

In January 2015 NASA discovered Kepler 438b, a planet 475 light years away and a similar size to Earth, orbiting a star similar to our sun, in the hypothetical ‘Goldilocks Zone’, the proposed optimal distance a planet needs to be from its star in order to harbour intelligent life. With NASA’s understanding that our galaxy likely contains billions of planets, … Continue reading

Alien life: The Goldilocks Zone is where space is not too hot and not too cold (Image: NASA)
Goldilocks I – The Strange Existence of the Goldilocks Planet

BENDEDREALITY.COM Roger Conner – September 2016 This article is the beginning of a series as there’s far too much to fit in just one article. A new article in the series will be posted every Thursday. The Goldilocks Planet So named after the fairy tale wherein Goldilocks rejected items that were either too hot or too cold, etc. and instead … Continue reading