Sexually Transmitted Diseases Reach Record Setting Highs in America

New figures from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for 2016 show a disturbing rise in sexually transmitted diseases, including record rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, particularly among young and pregnant women, gay and bisexual men. The CDC’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report says that 2 million cases were reported overall in 2016. Over 75% of … Continue reading

A Dangerous, Silent Hiding Place for Gonorrhea: The Throat

The human throat houses billions of bacteria, most of them harmless. But one species is becoming more common, and it is anything but benign. Drug-resistant gonorrhea has been on the rise for years; the World Health Organization has reported an increase in more than 50 countries. Now scientists say the epidemic is being driven by a particular mode of transmission: … Continue reading

Gonorrhea Is Becoming Untreatable, U.N. Health Officials Warn

We are running out of ways to treat gonorrhea, the World Health Organization announced today. The U.N. health agency released new guidelines warning doctors that it no longer recommends an entire class of antibiotics, quinolones, because quinolone-resistant strains of the disease have emerged all over the world. Instead, the health agency recommends using cephalosporins, another class of antibiotic. The new … Continue reading