Grand Solar Minimum Report: Fall Snow Hits US South – Global Volcanic Uptick and More (VIDEO)

Guys watch this report video, ingest some truth, incredible stuff! via ORP: Jackson Mississippi sees highest snowfall since 1982 Record snow blankets Houston and Texas Snow is falling in Houston, TX, last measurable snow there was 8 years ago. Oppenheimer Ranch Project Headline image credit: © Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL … Continue reading

Autumn Arrives in Summer in the US & Canada

Chilly August begins as temperatures are forecast to be 20F below normal and even in the 35F range for N.E Canada and Rocky Mountain states. This is contrary to the Weather Channels August forecast calling far above normal temperatures through the month. Additionally NY Times article released the same day cites 2003 heat wave in Europe as proof of global … Continue reading

More Scientists Come Out Predicting Rapid Global Cooling 2016-2017 & Bravias Arc (207)

With global cooling approaching as the new Grand Solar minimum intensifies, many scientists and institutions are now trying to get on record as stating they think the globe will cool. Here is a new list of converts. Adapt 2030 Warmest Year On Record? 8″ of August Snow for Alaska, Record Cold Europe , Snowpack Remains Scotland & UK Unusual to … Continue reading