Meteor Fireball Lights Up Sky over Greece

via A meteor burned up on the night skies over Greece on Tuesday evening, creating a spectacular fireball clearly visible in many parts of the country. The scene was captured on video by a camera belonging to in Livadia, central Greece. Many social media users hurried to report that they also got a glimpse of the impressive phenomenon. … Continue reading

Civilization before us
Did Advanced Civilizations Exist Here Before Us?

Forget the modern world, industrialisation and even the ancient histories of Egypt and Greece – we’re going much further back! To a time before records began when, according to some theories, earth was home to complex civilisations perhaps even more advanced than our own! What if the Mother Culture Theory was true? A mother culture is a term for an … Continue reading

Shallow 6.7 Earthquake Rocks Resorts on Turkish Coast and Greek Island of Kos Accompanied by Small Tsumani

A large earthquake has been reported off the Turkish coast and the Greek Islands in an area popular with British Tourist. Video Added from #Bodrum#Tsunami #Earthquake — Global News (@GlobalZarfati) July 20, 2017 The US Geological Survey recorded a 6.7 magnitude quake off the south west coast close to the resort town of Bodrum and the Greek Island of … Continue reading