Phil Schneider Revealed a Huge Secret About the Greys Before He Was Murdered

Phil Schneider was a government geologist who had seventeen years of experience involved with black ops. Phil Schneider was working for the U.S. government building underground bases. He held a Level 3(Rhyolite 38) security clearance. Schneider said he was one of three survivors in a battle with aliens in August 1979. He died on January 17, 1996 under suspicious circumstances. … Continue reading

Alien Black Goo – You Must WATCH This!

Harald Kautz Vella talks about the Control Structures infected by the Black Goo both foreign/alien to Earth. He brings hardcore scientific research to expose the control mechanisms and agendas surrounding the alien Black Goo. This lecture shows why and how greys, archons, and reptillians have been interacting and feeding from humans, and Mother Earth. You will find the evidence presented … Continue reading

Alien Bloodlines, & Unlocking DNA Mysteries Through Bliss

Alien bloodlines, plasma beings, the Anunnaki, Reptilians, and Grays are just the starting point in this exploration of galactic history with Dan Winter. From the roots of life on Earth, to the cloning of humans by Enki and the modern day effects of our alien roots, we learn how to activate the human soul through bliss and evolve the species … Continue reading