Mind Control: HAARP & The Future of Technology

(HAARP) is a large antenna array system designed and built in the 1980’s and originally intended as a military defense project against Russian missile attacks. Some of the secondary features of the HAARP system however, proved to be more interesting than simply radar and communications disruption. In this groundbreaking exploration, we delve into the hidden capabilities of the HAARP system, … Continue reading

HAARP_© UAF_GI photo by JR Ancheta
HAARP to Bounce Signal Off Asteroid in NASA Experiment

“HAARP will transmit a continually chirping signal to asteroid 2010 XC15 at slightly above and below 9.6 megahertz (9.6 million times per second)” by Rod Boyce via The University of Alaska Fairbanks Headline Image Credit: UAF/GI photo by JR Ancheta An experiment to bounce a radio signal off an asteroid on Dec. 27 will serve as a test for probing … Continue reading

Speculation of Electromagnetic Weapons Arise from Ripples in Sky over Syria

Alien hunters and conspiracy theorists of all sorts do not need much to get them to seek traces of extraterrestrial guests or secret governmental programmes. A clip said to be filmed in Aleppo, with a stripe-like pattern in the clouds, inspired the most bizarre assumptions, as well. Online commenters latched onto the footage of smoke ripples in the sky, said … Continue reading

sun weapon
Hackers May Have Infiltrated NM Solar Observatory, Gained Control of Sun Weapon

While we still haven’t been given any “official” explanation for the mysterious sudden evacuation and shutdown of the Solar Observatory in Sunspot New Mexico, a whistleblower has revealed some interesting information and if true is still pretty sensational, even though it may not (or may) have been aliens. via Intellihub: In what can only be considered one of the most … Continue reading

Odd square cloud runs into Kamchatka’s volcano field. By NASA
Strange Square Clouds are Forming Worldwide and Nobody Knows Why

I’m betting that as more people start seeing these and recording them, they will start saying these are an undiscovered type of cloud. As if after so all the years gone by no one would have seen them. via strangesounds: It’s unusual, incredible, strange and totally wrong. Clouds should not look like a square. But such clouds that began appearing … Continue reading

Alternative Researchers Claim ‘Declassified Files’ Reveal HAARP Weather Control Scheme

Three conspiracy theorists are vowing to blow the lid on what they believe is the biggest chemtrail bombshell of the century, after claiming to uncover alleged unclassified US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) documents. While this is interesting, I’m not sure why this is such a bombshell. Some governments have admitted on some level or another that this IS being … Continue reading

Is Mysterious HAARP Project the Cause of Bizarre Square Clouds, Proof of US Weather Control?

A video showing strange giant “square cloud” in the sky resulting in claims it proves a top-secret US weather control program is REAL. The video, which has appeared on Facebook, YouTube and conspiracy theory websites, is said to have been filmed in Tuscon, Arizona. The Facebook video of the square cloud phenomenon is at the end of the article. via … Continue reading

HAARP Will Be Used to Create Northern Lights (aka Auroras)

People travel north from all over for a chance to see the aurora. Soon, Chris Fallen will make his own. Sometime around the darkness of the Sept. 19 new moon, the space physicist will travel to an antenna field off the Copper River. There, he will pulse transmitters on and off to create radio-induced aurora, also known as airglow. The … Continue reading

Nikola Tesla Was Contacted by Aliens, Biographer Claims

For a number of reasons, Serbian-American inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla has become synonymous with government cover-ups, corporate intrigue, and near-mystical technological wizardry. Today, many conspiracy theories surround Tesla’s work and legacy, most of which involve allegations that the U.S. government confiscated most of the personal records and journals Tesla kept while inventing the future. While there might have been … Continue reading

HAARP Returns: Ionospheric Experiments Being Conducted Again

Those of you who kept abreast of HAARP and its goings on would recall that the facility was taken over by the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Geophysical Institute 18 months ago and no experiments has since been undertaken (that is publicly known of) until now, well they are BACK AT IT! “This is a fantastic research facility. It is … Continue reading

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