Time Does Not Mend a Broken Heart; Scientists Find Condition Causes Long-Term Damage

Songwriters, poets and novelists have long mused over whether time truly heals everything. Charles Dickens toyed over whether the bitter Miss Haversham would ever recover from being jilted at the altar, and for many historians, Queen Victoria’s black dress came to symbolise her irreparable suffering over Prince Albert’s death. But a new study has apparently put their agonising to bed … Continue reading

Stem Cells from ‘Young’ Hearts Could Be Used To Rejuvenate Older Ones According to Study

This could give a very literal meaning to the saying “young at heart”. via RT: Older hearts may soon be able to be rejuvenated with stem cell injections from younger hearts, according to a new study which successfully reversed signs of cardiac aging in elderly rats. Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute gathered two groups of rats for the study. … Continue reading

The Heart-Brain Connection, How it Works

In this video with Greg Braden, you’ll learn how the heart-brain connection works: • Every moment of every day, your a heart is having a conversation with your brain • Around the heart is a field of energy 3-5 feet in diameter. • Every moment of every day your heart is sending signals to your brain instructing it to send … Continue reading