While Eastern N. America Faced Bitter Cold, Sydney Baked at 117 Degrees — Melting Roads

Parts of United States and Canada endured historic heavy snow and days of bone-chilling temperatures, while summer in Australia, particularly in the south and southeastern parts of the country, is delivering a “catastrophic” heat wave. via Irish Mirror: Stretch of motorway melts during catastrophic heat-wave in Australia that saw temperatures hit 47.3 degrees A 10-kilometre stretch of highway melted after … Continue reading

Europe Grilled By Heat Wave As Study Estimates Heat To Kill 150K Europeans A Year By 2100

While it is important to know what is happening around the world (the European heatwave) it would also be nice to see some attention made to the fact that Eastern North America has been much cooler as of late which as I’ve mentioned in previous articles believe to be attributed to a dramatic change in Earth’s wobble and perhaps paired … Continue reading

Temperature Reaches 50 Degree Celsius in India, More Than 200 Dead

Scorching heat, coupled with drought, which has prompted a water crisis in several parts of India, has led to more than a 200 deaths as the temperature has soared to 49.3 degrees Celsius in India. According to the meteorological department of the eastern state of Chhattisgarh, the temperature on Tuesday morning recorded at 49.3 degree Celsius in Bilaspur which is … Continue reading

Australia Suffers Heatwave from Hell, Record Hot Summer

Australia has been brutally scorched by record-high temperatures, with eastern regions rising up to +48C, and no end in sight. If you, like many in the northern hemisphere, walked carefully over ice during your morning commute, you might like to know that people on the other side of the globe are suffering much more, as the Sun is scorching Australia … Continue reading