Man Who was Clinically Dead for an Hour ‘I Saw Heaven, I met Dead Friends’

A MAN who was clinically dead for more than an hour has described how he went to Heaven and was reunited with his dead friends before returning to Earth. Dr Gary Wood was 18-years-old when he and his sister were involved in a serious car crash. Dr Wood and his then 16-year-old sister Sue were travelling home when he crashed … Continue reading

The Goldilocks Lesson

By BENDEDREALITY staff writer Roger Conner October 2016 We’ve shown you numerous proofs that God designed this entire universe just for you! Moreover, He designed the infrastructure of society all over the world and in your own family for you – whether harsh or lenient. He provided you with every talent, ability, IQ and everything else necessary to return to … Continue reading

Revelation 12

By BENDEDREALITY staff writer Roger Conner October 2016 Revelation chapter 12 is a pivotal point in the realm of future prophecy and should be interpreted properly, especially the identity of the woman described in the first, two verses: Revelation 12:1-2, “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, … Continue reading