Oldest Human Fossil Discovered Outside of Africa

It seem like there is always some new update on these dates and even location of prehistoric human migration. Perhaps one day we will have a definitive and conclusive answer but in the meantime the various findings and discoveries are still intriguing. via unexplained-mysteries: Modern humans ventured out of Africa much earlier than we thought. A prehistoric jawbone unearthed in … Continue reading

Neanderthal-influenced traits. Credit: Deborah Brewington, Vanderbilt University
The Missing Link: Evidence of Human and Neanderthal Hybrid Found in China

A Chinese-American team of scientists has discovered two partial skulls in central China that appear to be half human, half Neanderthal. The skulls have caused speculation that they belong to a previously-unknown relative of homo sapiens. The skulls are between 105,000-125,000 years old, and were found in Lingjing, Xuchang County, in Henan province, by researchers from both the Chinese Academy … Continue reading

Paracas Alien Skull
DNA Analysis Proves That We Are Not Alone

The researchers proved that Paracas Skulls from Peru could be of alien origin. The results of a DNA analysis proved this. Researchers believe that the skulls are significantly different from any known to man and could only be the result of interbreeding between alien species and humans. There have always been suggestions that alien species influenced the ancient civilizations, such … Continue reading