Stopping Killer Robots at the Source (Code)

Researchers suggest coding artificial intelligence in such a way that robots don’t make a distinction between human and machine. Not too long ago, a powerful collection of scientists, industry leaders and NGOs launched the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, an activist group dedicated to preventing the development of lethal autonomous weapons systems. Among those that signed up for the cause: … Continue reading

LIVING ROBOT with ‘HUMAN BRAIN’ Close to Creation as Super AI Computer around the Corner

COMPUTER scientists attempting to electronically replicate the human brain are close to creating a ‘living PC’. Engineers at the University of Massachusetts are developing microprocessors which mimic biological synapses – the nerve cells which pass messages across the human body. The science fiction-style project is being undertaken by Joshua Yang and Qiangfei Xia, professors of electrical and computer engineering at … Continue reading

What Affect Will Tonight’s Supermoon Have On Human Behavior?

Do not be alarmed if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep tonight, for there could be a perfectly scientific reason for your insomnia. Hovering outside your window will be the biggest and brightest moon the planet has seen since January 1948 – a scientific phenomenon that takes place only when a full moon coincides with the moon being the … Continue reading

Human DNA Sent into Space to ‘Back-Up’ Species

As fears mount the humanity’s time on Earth is limited, scientists are making contingency plans by setting up a cosmic CLOUD of human data. As it stands, experts neither have the technological capability or the knowledge of how to mass-transfer the human race to a nearby habitable planet – with the closest being 14 light years away (one light year … Continue reading

Why Are We the Only Species With a Chin ?

Why do we have a chin and what is it used for? It might not be immediately evident, but humans are actually the only animals on Earth with a chin. The humble chin is such an obvious part of our facial anatomy that most of us simply take it for granted and don’t think much about it, yet for years … Continue reading

Unexplained Details in Human DNA Might Be Extraterrestrial in Nature

Alien DNA: Humans have extraterrestrial DNA according to research and there is no such thing as ‘JUNK’ DNA. What do we really know about our species and our origins? The truth is that we are a species with amnesia, a species that cannot fully remember where we come from, what our purpose is and where we are going to. Even … Continue reading

Are the Ancient Anunnaki the missing link in our amnesic history?
Aliens Performed Genetic Manipulation in Order to Create Today’s Mankind

There are many theories which describe the creation of the mankind. Among these theories is the one called the Ancient Astronaut theory. According to the Ancient Astronaut theory, aliens altered the human DNA and created the mankind. It is believed that genetic manipulation is responsible for the success and rapid development of the civilization. According to many authors, the Ancient … Continue reading

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