Astronomer Claims The Human Race Descended from Martian ALIENS

Seth Shostak, director of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) institute, says life as we know it may have come from Mars. He claims an asteroid collided with the red planet and flung dirt across space to Earth. Shostak said: “It’s possible that billions of years ago, tiny bits of biology quit the Red Planet and infected ours. “If so, … Continue reading

Will human intelligence be Replaced by Evolving Artificial Intelligence?

Did you know about the emerging Artificial Intelligence? Its going to shape the future of our Collective Intelligence. Two months back I sat for the lecture of Dr. Scott Lee (Professor of Endocrinology, Linda University in the United states). He explained his crew’s invention of the artificial pancreas which could achieve the target Hb1Ac of 6.9 mg/dl which is one … Continue reading

Are Humans the Result of Artificial Engineering by Aliens?

Could blood types prove that human beings are genetically engineered? Throughout the years, several scientific studies have searched for this answer. Many people are unconvinced that evolution alone was capable of taking humanity from its original brute aim form into the only animals on the planet Earth capable of language, writing, and civilization itself. Instead, they look towards the ancient … Continue reading

Geniuses Behind Discovery Of DNA Claim Our Genes Were Brought By Extraterrestrials!

The human genome is very complex and holds a bigger mystery than we think. Mainstream science teaches us that humans came into existence by a chance of random colliding molecules and eventual evolution. But many experts believe that there’s probably alot more to it. What if the geniuses behind the discovery of the DNA structure of the DNA molecule claim … Continue reading

Do Smart People Need More Time Alone? Yes, According to this Study

There’s no fighting it – humans are innately social creatures. But while it’s widely accepted that socialising makes us happier, this might not be strictly true if you’re highly intelligent. Evolutionary psychologists from Singapore Management University and the London School of Economics and Political Science found exactly this when they studied more than 15,000 young adults. They concluded that, while … Continue reading

Researchers Claim that Humans Have Souls Which Can Live on after Death

The idea that human consciousness lives on after death has been put forward by a number of well-respected scientists Scientists have claimed that death may not be as final as we once feared – and that humans have souls that can leave the body after their hosts kick the bucket. It may sound like a supernatural myth, but the idea … Continue reading

Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them

Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution It’s not a mystery why most countries around the world have completely banned GMO’s. In a new study published in the peer reviewed Public Library of Science (PLOS), researchers emphasize that there is sufficient evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments carry complete genes that can enter into the human circulation system through an unknown mechanism. (0) I wonder … Continue reading

Mankind Has Evolved On Another Planet, Researcher Claims

Dr. Ellis Silver has presented a very unusual hypothesis which suggests that humans did not evolve alongside the other species of this Earth but rather arrived on this planet, fully evolved into the homosapien form between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago. ACADEMIC SUGGESTS THAT HUMAN BEINGS DIDN’T EVOLVE ON PLANET EARTH Dr. Silver’s theory is based on the fact that … Continue reading

Researchers Suspect Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites Influence Human Behavior, Culture

We may think we’re independent, capable individuals, calling the shots in our lives from a place of personal freedom, but a new breed of research offers a somewhat terrifying counter argument to this belief. Incredibly, microbes can have a profound effect on our personalities and behavior — and even cause us to be more accident prone. While quite a bit … Continue reading

Aliens & UFO Killing Humans HD Documentaries || UFO Documentary Film

If you are interested in the subject of UFO/Aliens this is an excellent documentary. *My apologies for the very graphic main image of the video if some find it disturbing, there was no way to bypass it but don’t let it dissuade you from watching the video, it’s NOT a gore video. UFO Documentary Official – YouTube Channel IF YOU … Continue reading

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