The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.
The Crazy Prediction Of A New Ice Age Coming: Milankovitch Cycles

On Christmas day, while people in Italy drink hot chocolate under their blankets, Brazilians are at the beach drinking some iced beverages. All of this could however change in the future. Imagine a world where the snow never stops falling, the cold never fades, and survival becomes a daily struggle. If a long winter period strikes the Earth, we would … Continue reading

Research Suggests Little Ice Age was Triggered by an Unusually Warm Period

“…a sudden change from very warm conditions in the late 1300s to unprecedented cold conditions in the early 1400s, only 20 years later.” University of Massachusetts Amherst via New research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst provides a novel answer to one of the persistent questions in historical climatology, environmental history and the earth sciences: what caused the Little … Continue reading

Earth About to Face A ‘Mini Ice Age’

Due to the solar minimum at hand, Earth is set to experience a ‘mini ice age’ that could bring extreme winters and chilly cold storms over the coming decades. Solar minimums are part of the Sun’s natural life cycle and typically occur every 11 years. However, this year will be the start of a grand solar minimum, which is an … Continue reading

Record Cold Mornings, Frost on the Plain in Russia

While the MSM is sure to tell you about the record heat in Mexico, and parts of the US, there is virtually no mention of the unusual cold that some states in the US and parts of Canada is once again experiencing in yet another year. But the cold is not just in North America. via IceAgeNow: In Moscow, on … Continue reading

Global Crop Failures, Food Shortages and Rising Prices-Ice Age Farmer Report

No need to speculate — crops around the globe are failing as our solar-driven climate changes. While the media serves up political and economic excuses for food price increases, and political distractions abound, we must all keep our focus every day on moving towards self-sufficiency and anti-fragility. Ice Age Farmer YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT … Continue reading

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Potential Gulf Stream Collapse Could Bring New Ice Age Sooner Than Scientists Expected

Two new studies published in the scientific journal Nature have brought a new threat to the world’s attention: the shutdown of the Atlantic Ocean currents including the Gulf Stream. Barely a day goes by without new research emerging warning humanity of its impending doom, but the collapse of the Gulf Stream is an event with particularly ominous connotations. Scientists have … Continue reading

Earth Could Face Mini Ice Age as Possibility of Global Cooling Looms in the Coming Decades

AN Ice Age is potentially coming and scientists have claimed it could reverse damage from global warming. Earth could be plunged into a mini Ice Age in the next few decades, but there is good news – it could override the damage done by global warming. By 2030 comes about, the temperatures on Earth could be so low that the … Continue reading

‘Mini Ice Age’ Could Hit UK by 2030, Scientist Predict

If you happen to be located in parts of the US and Canada currently dealing with some bone chilling sub zero temperatures you would be forgiven for thinking the mini ice age is already here. via skynews: A model of the Sun’s magnetic activity suggests the River Thames may freeze over within two decades, experts say. A mini ice age … Continue reading

More Record Lows on Canadian East Coast

Many are attributing the record lows on the Canadian east coast solely on the solar minimum, but my own personal feeling is that it may have a lot to do with Earth’s wobble which was affected greatly in 2005. I think the record heat that is going on in other areas while other areas are getting record cold is a … Continue reading

Paypal Founder Contributing To Extinct Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Project

Paypal founder Peter Thiel is participating in an effort that could get the now extinct woolly mammoth to walk back on Earth by 2027, according to a new book titled “Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive one of History’s Most Iconic Extinct Creatures” by Ben Mezrich. The donation was made in 2015 when the tech luminary gave … Continue reading

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The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.