Iceberg the Size of Manhattan Just Broke Away from Antarctica

Rising temperatures in the waters surrounding Antarctica have caused an enormous chunk of ice the size of Manhattan to break away, according to experts. Satellite imagery from January shows a huge section of the Pine Island Glacier separating from the continent. Areas of Antarctic ice have scores of cracks, according to National Geographic, indicating that glacial calving may continue or … Continue reading

Larsen C Ice Shelf Schism May Form MASSIVE Antarctic Iceberg (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A glacier more than 80 times the size of Manhattan is on the brink of splintering from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf and floating off into the ocean. Pictures released by NASA last November showed a 100-meter (328ft) wide and 500-meter deep (1640ft) crack slicing the incredible sub-zero temperature environment. According to Project Midas, a UK research group documenting the … Continue reading

Titanic Cover-up? New Research Indicates Boiler Room Fire Enabled Iceberg to Crack the Ships Hull

Editor’s comment: no matter how many times I see that image, I still always imagine the horror of that cold night of terror everyone on board the Titanic went through 🙁 Fire had been raging in the Titanic’s boiler room even before it left Southampton for New York, weakening the liner’s hull and turning a collision with an iceberg into … Continue reading