Two Bright Meteor Fireballs Seen Hours Apart over Idaho

Note, that is not the sun behind the clouds in the headline image, nor is it daytime! Video of a meteor ‘exploding’ over Idaho which was also seen over ID, MT, OR, UT, WA and WY on Sunday, July 4th 2021 around 04:45 UT was uploaded to the AMS website. Credit: Korri Anderson. And hours earlier, another ‘exploding’ meteor fireball … Continue reading

Twin Falls Sky7_1512010573888_11834968_ver2.0
Mysterious Magic Valley ‘Booms’ Have Plagued Twin Falls, Idaho For Years

For the last several years, and some say longer, the Magic Valley has been under some sort of siege. “I would describe it as something similar to a sonic boom,” said one resident. “There’s an audible boom and then it shakes,” said another. “It’s like this weird errrrrrrr,” described yet another. From Buhl to Burley these “booms” have been best … Continue reading

141 Earthquakes in Idaho Since Saturday: Destructive 7.0 Temblor Possible But Likely Won’t Happen

People should be prepared for the worst when it comes to the earthquake swarm that’s been shaking Southeast Idaho since Saturday evening. But experts say chances are the worst won’t happen. Still, the most alarming scenario is that the earthquake swarm will end with a very destructive 7.0 magnitude earthquake capable of destroying buildings and killing people. The good news … Continue reading

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Greater Yellowstone Area – Shook For Almost 10 Minutes

Around 3 p.m. Saturday a 4.8 magnitude earthquake jolted the valley and WAS felt in Yellowstone National Park. “It’s a small earthquake … but it shook us here in Moose,” reported local geophysicist Dr. Bob Smith of the University of Utah. Smith, who measures seismic activity in the Greater Yellowstone area for the US Geological Survey, recorded the quake a … Continue reading