Scientists Say They Have Found Proof Of The Human Soul

A group of international physicists have announced that the concept of a human soul may actually be measurable by quantum physics, and have suggested that the human soul has a quantum state just as real as ‘wave-particle dualism’. Below is a selection of quotes from world-renowned physicists that suggest that the human soul is in fact real. reports: Dr. … Continue reading

Paracas Alien Skull
DNA Analysis Proves That We Are Not Alone

The researchers proved that Paracas Skulls from Peru could be of alien origin. The results of a DNA analysis proved this. Researchers believe that the skulls are significantly different from any known to man and could only be the result of interbreeding between alien species and humans. There have always been suggestions that alien species influenced the ancient civilizations, such … Continue reading

Hail the Hydra, an Animal That May Be Immortal

In ancient Greek myth, the Hydra was a multi-headed monster that grew two more heads for every one that it lost. As it turns out, the real-life animal named after this mythical beast may be even more tenacious. A new study finds that hydra — spindly, freshwater polyps — can live seemingly forever, without aging. Unlike most multicellular species, hydra don’t … Continue reading