Futurist Predicts that We Will Achieve Immortality Within Just 8 Years

“…we will find a way to increase life expectancy by “more than a year every year” and that this will happen within a decade.” by T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries Computer scientist Ray Kurzweil is certainly no stranger to making predictions about technology and the future. When it comes to predicting the future, Kurzweil – who has written numerous books on … Continue reading

Jeff Bezos’ New Startup Company Aims to Cheat Death

“…Jeff Bezos who, not content with sending tourists into space, is now looking to find a way to live forever as well.” via unexplained-mysteries Image credit: @Sigmund The billionaire entrepreneur is channeling his money into an attempt to develop immortality technology. Mankind has been obsessed with gaining immortality for thousands of years, but even despite the incredible advances in science … Continue reading

Can We Achieve Immortality Digitally?

Immortality has been a topic of discussion since the legend of the Holy Grail. Some people have gone as far as cryogenic freezing after death in the hope that one day science will have advanced enough to resurrect them. Others believe the route to immortality lies in the digital realm. The theory that humans can be digitised and live on … Continue reading

The Elite’s Quest for Immortality Quietly Continues; Look to Transfer Consciousness to a New Body and Live Forever

There’s a body of research — treatments, cures, procedures — that are afforded by wealthy elites, quietly worked on in private labs and little talked about in the media. The never ending quest for immortality has truly never ended. While this seems like the plot from a Twilight Zone episode, like all good Twilight Zone episodes, it’s much more science … Continue reading

Communicating From Beyond the Grave? New Technology Forcing Us to Confront Ethics of Bringing People Back from the Dead

Imagine you have a close friend you frequently communicate with via text. One day, they suddenly die. You reel, you cry, you attend their funeral. Then you decide to pick up your phone and send them a message, just like old times. “I miss you,” you type. A little response bubble appears at the bottom of the screen. “I miss … Continue reading

Scientists Revive Dead Brains, Discover Key To Consciousness

Dreams and depictions of immortality can be found throughout human history. From Judeo-Christian ideas of Heaven and Hell to Hindu concepts of reincarnation, almost all religions and cultures have some iteration of eternal life found within their beliefs, folklore, or art. Let’s face it: who among us hasn’t at least once entertained the notion of living forever? While it could … Continue reading