4 Bizarre Predictions From Ancient Indian Texts

The ancient texts of India are rich with legend, myth and famous stories! But, sometimes, the tales of old serve to predict what the future will be like… and sometimes the predictions are very close to real life! The ancient texts made some bold predictions… but did they come true? Join us… and find out! Unveiled YouTube IF YOU ENJOY … Continue reading

’Catastrophically Worse’: Scale of India’s Covid-19 Deaths 10 Times Higher than Official Reports – Study

via RT Headline Image: FILE PHOTO. New Delhi, India. © AFP / Xavier GALIANA The number of Covid-19 deaths in India could be 10 times higher than the government’s official count, according to a study, as a US-based think tank warns the situation is “catastrophically worse” than currently reported. While India’s official coronavirus death toll at the end of June … Continue reading

‘GREEN Fungus’ Reported in India, Adding to 3 Other Colors of Infection Developing in Covid Patients

Anyone else getting worried here?! via RT: As thousands suffer from black, white and yellow fungus in India, doctors are now worried that another infection, dubbed “green,” has been added to the list of post-Covid complications for patients. A 34-year-old man in Madhya Pradesh, a large state in central India, is believed to possibly be the first patient diagnosed with … Continue reading

650x350_covid_19 var
Gangrene, Gastric Issues, and Hearing Loss Reported in Delta Variant of Coronavirus from India

By Bhuma Shrivastava via Japan Times The coronavirus variant driving India’s devastating COVID-19 second wave is the most infectious to emerge so far. Doctors now want to know if it’s also more severe. Hearing impairment, severe gastric upsets and blood clots leading to gangrene, symptoms not typically seen in COVID-19 patients, have been linked by doctors in India to the … Continue reading

‘Ghost’ Moves Motorbike in Viral Video Clip

Footage of a motorcycle moving and falling over on its own has been doing the rounds on social media. The intriguing clip, which was reportedly filmed back in December before being picked up and shared online, shows a quiet street in India with two motorcycles parked at the side of the road. At around the 15-second mark on the video, … Continue reading

Hundreds Hospitalized with ‘Mystery’ Illness Andhra Pradesh, India

At least one person has died and 227 have been hospitalised by an unidentified illness in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The patients had a wide range of symptoms from nausea to fits and falling unconscious, doctors said. Officials are investigating the cause of the illness, which swept through the town of Eluru over the weekend. It comes as … Continue reading

meteorite-India Jun2020
Another Meteorite-Like Object Lands in Rajasthan, India, Explosion Heard 2 KM Away

A meteorite-like object fell from the sky in Rajasthan’s Sanchore town on Friday morning. The object resulted in a one-foot-deep crater and created an explosive sound that was heard up to two kilometers away. The unidentified object is currently with the police and under investigation. According to locals, an explosive sound was heard when the object fell from the sky. … Continue reading

Meteor Hits Water India March2020
Mysterious Meteorite-Like Object Catches Fire After Coming Into Contact With Water in India

Just recently prior to this (less than a month before this event), a meteorite hit a factory compound in Alwar, Rajasthan, India which resulted in a 20-feet deep crater! *Also see ‘update’ which appears under feature story via Sputniknews: Samples of the object, whose precise origins have yet to be identified, are expected to be sent to a lab for … Continue reading

India Facing Drought Nation Wide Drought Crisis

Narendra Modi had begun his first regime in 2014 on a drought note. It was followed by another drought in 2015. This was said to be the first instance in a hundred years when India faced back-to-back drought years. Narendra Modi won a bigger mandate in 2019 and India is staring at another spell of drought if the current trend … Continue reading

Mystery Swine Flu Like Virus Kills Dozens in India

In India’s Madhya Pradesh, a mysterious virus has killed 64 people in the last few months. Its symptoms mirror swine flu, but medication for that disease doesn’t treat those afflicted with this new illness. Most of the deaths have happened in or around the densely populated metropolis of Indore. Health officials told the Times of India that lab results from … Continue reading

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