Strange ‘Lava-Type Flow’ Seeps from Ground Causing Panic in North East Indian Village

A geological ticking time bomb? via Firstpost: A volcanic lava type inflammable liquid has been reportedly profiting out of the ground in Tripura’s Jalifa village and has triggered panic among the local residents of the area. It has gradually become a matter of concern for the Tripura state government, in North East India, which is highly vulnerable to earthquakes as … Continue reading

Strange Noises Recorded Coming from the Skies in India

YouTuber ‘Hammad Mustafa’ uploaded video of strange noises he heard in the skies of India on On December 11, 2018. In the comment section of his video someone reported hearing the same sounds on the same day in Ohio, US. IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

Mystery Surrounds Sudden Death of At least 50 Cows in India, Birds Fall from Sky in Australia

At least 50 cows were mysteriously found dead near Landaduali village under Aska block in Ganjam District on Thursday, triggering panic among locals. According to first reports, five cowmen of the village were looking after hundreds of grazing cows in the morning, when all of a sudden, their behavior changed and about 50 unexpectedly and instantly drop[ped] dead. Farmers and … Continue reading

‘Hot Stones’ Fall from the Sky in Over Uttar Pradesh, India

Two hot “stones” have fallen from the sky in Uttar Pradesh’s village of Kasoli. The meteorite-like objects will be examined by a team and will identify the nature of the unearthly object. But is this the first time this has ever happened in India? Time and again, humans have encountered tales about aliens, their world and a different universe that … Continue reading

“Extraterrestrial Life is Possible”, Indian Scientists Claim to Have Detected Unknown Bacteria

The Indian Space Research Organization has claimed to have detected three types of bacteria which are so far not identified on earth. The experiment, conducted with the help of a high-altitude balloon, could go a long way in proving the existence of life beyond earth, says astrophysicist Jayant V. Narlikar. New Delhi (Sputnik) — Delivering a speech on the occasion … Continue reading

The Sanskrit Effect: Reciting Sanskrit Chants Shown to Boost Cognitive Regions in the Brain

A study published in the journal Scientific American has concluded that rigorous memorizing and chanting of verses from the ancient Hindu scriptures in the Sanskrit language helps a person’s memory by increasing the size of the brain’s regions that are associated with cognitive functions. Dr. James Hartzell of the University of Trento and his colleagues from Italy teamed up with … Continue reading

Depiction of a an Ancient Cosmic Event Discovered in 5000 Year-Old Rock Art in India

I had an interesting thought when I looked at the depiction. I wondered if this could possible have been a depiction of another star as opposed to a supernova as is being claimed…Nemesis perhaps? (two suns theory). After all, it was 500 years ago! via Quartz India: Imagine looking up at the sky one night and finding two moons. If … Continue reading

Persistent Extreme Cold Kills 70 Across Uttar Pradesh, India

I found it odd how this region that is so far away from North America experienced the cold wave almost on the same time period. via Firstpost: Extreme cold wave conditions prevailed in most parts of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. Lack of night shelters and amenities have already led to the death of over 70 homeless and poor people. Phone … Continue reading

Crater in Rajasthan India Confirmed to Have Been Caused by a Meteorite

For long the origin of the Ramgarh crater has been a subject of debate among researchers. While some believe that it was caused by ‘meteorite impact’, others are of the view that it evolved from ‘tectonic’ or ‘structural’ activity or ‘magmatism’. For years the crater – located near Ramgarh village, about 12 km east of Mangrol – has been considered … Continue reading

By 2100 it May Become Too Hot for Humans to Survive in South Asia

By the end of this century, temperatures in South Asia — a region where about one-fifth of the world’s population lives — could become too hot and humid for people to survive, according to a new study. Climate change in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka could be so severe by the late 21st century that temperatures and humidity … Continue reading

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