Meteorite Lands In Field (Rajasthan India)

It would seem for some reason this area in India happens to be a hot spot for falling ‘space rocks’. Could it be a prelude to a much larger one coming? Time will tell. News Nation Bureau reports: It is the 14th meteorite incident reported in Rajasthan. The meteorite weighed around 2.23 kg had fallen on June 6 in a … Continue reading

China Warns India To ‘Stop Clamoring for War’ and ‘Learn Lessons’ of 1962 Defeat

China has warned India to stop ‘clamoring for war’ and has reminded them of the thrashing they received from the People’s Liberation Army in 1962. The Indian Army has opened new helicopter bases in Sikkim, where tensions are rising. Chinese troops reportedly crossed the Line of Actual Control at Doka La in Sikkim earlier this week and destroyed Indian Army … Continue reading

Temperature Reaches 50 Degree Celsius in India, More Than 200 Dead

Scorching heat, coupled with drought, which has prompted a water crisis in several parts of India, has led to more than a 200 deaths as the temperature has soared to 49.3 degrees Celsius in India. According to the meteorological department of the eastern state of Chhattisgarh, the temperature on Tuesday morning recorded at 49.3 degree Celsius in Bilaspur which is … Continue reading

Unexplained Underground Fires in India Causing Panic

Indian news outlet The Hindu reports that unexplained underground fires have been burning in at least two different locations in southern India. The Indian government has dispatched engineers from the Forest Department to try and determine the cause of the blazes, but so far their origin remains a mystery. Last month, one of the fires claimed the life of a … Continue reading

Mysterious Metal “Small Pox” Causing Massive Radiation Leak at Nuclear Plant in India, Experts Befuddled

Hindustan Times, Mar 19, 2017 (emphasis added): A year after heavy water leaked from the coolant channel in unit I of the [India’s] Gujarat-based Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS-1), preliminary investigations have found corrosion spots on the channel’s outer surface, and through-wall cracks in it… On March 12, KAPS-1… underwent an automatic shut down at 9 am after a leak … Continue reading

Discovery of 1.6 Billion Year Old Fossil Forces Scientist to Reassess Timeline of Plants

Fossils unearthed in India that are 1.6 billion years old and look like red algae may represent the earliest-known plants, a discovery that could force scientists to reassess the timing of when major lineages in the tree of life first appeared on Earth. Researchers on Tuesday described the tiny, multicellular fossils as two types of red algae, one thread-like and … Continue reading

Indian Government Slashes Cancer Drug Price by 86%

India’s National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has announced major price cuts for certain cancer drugs, up to 86 percent in some cases. This is the latest in a series of government price cuts that has reduced the costs of around 1,450 drugs since late 2016. The 86 percent cut is to Iressa, used primarily to treat breast and lung cancer. … Continue reading

Amazing Discovery in India: 10,000 Year old Rock Paintings Depicting Possible UFO’s and ET’s

According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings depict extraterrestrials. The Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture is planning to seek the help of NASA and ISRO for research regarding the paintings. Our ancient world continues to become more mysterious by the day, as 10,000 year old rock paintings depicting possible extraterrestrials and UFOs have been found in Chhattisgarh, India. … Continue reading

India Shuts Down Gates Foundation Program Over Ties to Big Pharma

The Secretariat of India’s highest advisory body on immunization, NTAGI, has been transitioned to the fully government-funded National Institute of Family Health and Welfare (NIFHW), by order of the Centre. NTAGI’s Secretariat has, until now, been serviced through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-backed Immunization Technical Support Unit (ITSU) at the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). Reports say that … Continue reading

India Overtakes Saudi Arabia to Become Fourth-Largest Military Spender

India has surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia in defense spending, making the nation of 1.25 billion the fourth-largest defense spender in the world. As soon as in 2018, India will become the third-largest military spender, taking the slot now occupied by the UK, if Jane’s 2016 Defense Budget Report pans out correctly. India spent $50.6 billion on its military in … Continue reading

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