Meteor Sightings – Separate Incidents from 4 Different Countries, Same Week

The meteor fireball scene sure seems to be picking up steam. Just a few days ago one actually impacted (crashed) offshore Australia shaking homes and terrifying residents and then a possible fireball over Scotland. IF those didn’t give you cause for pause, here are 4 completely separate fireball sightings from this same week (all the mentioned fireballs happened all in … Continue reading

Which Country Has the Best ‘Programmers’?

If you ever wondered about which country produces the best programmers, wonder no more. A new report from California-based HackerRank, a service that administers tests to developers around the world, says it’s China. HackerRank offers its community of programmers, apparently 1.5 million strong, with challenges to hone their skills. It examined data from these challenges from the last few years … Continue reading

China Calls for Calm as India Moves to Deploy Missiles to Disputed Region

As India plans to equip its troops along the Chinese border with the BrahMos missile, China’s Defense Ministry has called for calm. A long term territorial dispute between Beijing and New Delhi has been brewing along the Tibetan border. China lays claim to roughly 35,000 square miles ruled by India, while India says that China is currently occupying 14,600 square … Continue reading

GLOBAL FAMINE FEARS: Worry Over World Food Shortages As Indian Farmland Turns to DUST

FEARS are growing that the world could be heading towards global famine after scientists revealed that farmland in one of the planet’s top agricultural producers is turning to DUST. Ecologists have raised serious concerns about the state of India, where more than a quarter of the land which was once fertile fields is now lying dry and barren. The vast … Continue reading

What Powered Vimanas, the ‘Flying Carpets’ of Ancient India?

Written & Contributed to BENDEDREALITY.COM by TS Caladan VIEW OTHER ARTICLES BY THIS WRITER Could there have been a single power source for overwhelming evidence of flying vehicles in the rich accounts of ancient India? ‘Vimanas’ were real aircraft featured in ‘stories’ that go back before the Bible. If we could physically find the power source in (let’s say New … Continue reading

The Reptilian Alien Race: Living Among Humans For Centuries

The existence of strange creatures on Earth has been depicted in many stories. Even though it is hard to imagine that half-human, half-reptile creature could exist, many stories serve as proof that their existence is not only a product of vivid imagination. Looking back in history, we find several tales about strange creatures, that were worshiped by our ancestors. In … Continue reading

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