Solar Storm Could Cause ‘Internet Apocalypse’

We are so used to, and dependent on the internet now… imagine being without it for months! via Unexplained-Mysteries Image Credit: NASA/Steele Hill Scientists have warned that a devastating solar storm could disrupt the world’s Internet for months. The last time a coronal mass ejection from the Sun hit the Earth was in 1921, a time long before computers, mobile … Continue reading

The Down Side To Having Your Brain Connected to the Internet

Colin Wilson’s “The Mind Parasites,” a sci-fi thriller about mind control, couldn’t be more true-to-life, now that scientists have successfully established a data exchange between the human brain and the Internet. Scientists from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa have successfully streamed human brain waves to the Internet using an electroencephalograph and a mini computer, Raspberry Pi, according to … Continue reading

How The Internet ‘Rewires’ Our Brains and Makes Us ‘Dumb’

Dr. Phil Reed, a psychologist specializing in internet addiction, has spoken to Sputnik about some of the negative ways the digital revolution has negatively affected our key brain functions and made us, for lack of a better word, dumber. Reed, a professor of developmental psychology, behavioral science and abnormal psychology at Swansea University in Wales, told Radio Sputnik that internet … Continue reading

Trump Signs Bill BLOCKING Online Privacy Regulation

Obama-era regulations preventing internet service providers from selling your web browsing history on the open market was reversed by a House of Representatives vote and has been signed by Donald Trump. He HAD pledged to do just the opposite, ABC reports: “The president pledged to reverse this type of federal overreach in which bureaucrats in Washington take the interest of … Continue reading

The Mysterious ‘Deep Dark Web’ Universe Where Any Information Can Be Found

Up to 80% of the Internet is said to be hidden in the so-called “deep web,” which can be accessed using special search systems, like the Tor browser. Often, the “deep web” is associated with criminal activities, like firearms sales and drug trafficking. The deep web is a kind of mysterious place where one can find everything that has been … Continue reading

‘The Internet Will Shut Down for 24 Hours in 2017 Causing Financial Markets to Crash’

Millions of computer users across the world could be blocked from the internet this year as the global network will shut down for 24 hours, US technology security vendor LogRhythm predicted in December. The company’s chief information security officer and vice president James Carder told Business Insider, it won’t just be a technical issue stopping people from uploading their selfies … Continue reading

You Might Be Part of the ‘Botnet’ Army and Not Even Know It

Hackers look for the path of least resistance, but there are ways to make sure your internet-connected devices put up a fight. In horror movies, the invading threat is usually a monster, a human turned evil or something undead. But there is a horror movie scenario unfolding around you right now and without knowing it, you might be one of … Continue reading

Swedish Developers Offer a Way to Delete Your Entire Existence Off the Internet in a Few Clicks.

The internet can be a beautiful and horrible place at the same time, and it isn’t weird to sometimes feel like you want to leave — there’s wasn’t an easy way out, until now. Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck created, which offers a way to wipe your entire existence off the internet in a few clicks. When … Continue reading

US Government Has An Internet Killswitch — And It’s None Of Your Business

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a petition concerning the Department of Homeland Security’s secretive internet and cellphone killswitch program. On Monday the Supreme Court declined to hear a petition from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) that sought to force the Department of Homeland Security to release details of a secret “killswitch” protocol to shut down cellphone and … Continue reading