loud boom
Residents of Kilkenny, Ireland Baffled by Mystery ‘Loud Bang’ Heard Around City

Gardai in Kilkenny received multiple calls on Tuesday night after reports of a loud bang in the city. Dozens of residents in the south-east county said they heard a strange loud bang around 10pm. The noise was believed to have come from near a cathedral in the City although no damage was reported at the church – KCLR96fm reports. Many … Continue reading

UFO Observed by Several Pilots over Ireland, Communicated it Ground Control

Here is a UFO sighted by various pilots which took place over Ireland two years ago. You can skip to 5:05 mark if you want to go directly to the conversation between the pilots and ground control. (video below transcript) Conversation between pilots and ground control: BAW94: Shannon, Speedbird 94? EISN East ctr: Go Ahead. BAW94: Is there any military … Continue reading

Historian Discovers Hidden ‘Stonehenge’ in Ireland

A Neolithic henge that had lain hidden for centuries has been revealed in Ireland thanks to a recent drought. The discovery was made by historian Anthony Murphy who had been flying a drone over wheat fields in Newgrange, Ireland during an extended spell of particularly hot summer weather. The henge, which can be seen in the news report below, appears … Continue reading

Mystical Stonehenge: Did Merlin Engage A Giant To Build It Or Was It The Devil?

Arguably the most recognizable pile of rocks in the northern hemisphere, Stonehenge has intrigued and enchanted mankind for centuries. It has inspired countless novels, replicas, research projects, and even a song or two. Archaeologists and laypeople alike have argued about its origins and its purpose for years, and they are not likely to come to any agreement any time soon. … Continue reading

Intriguing Ireland Alien Abduction Cases Remain Unsolved

Did a group of walkers encounter something otherworldly in the woods ? Numerous sightings of strange objects in the skies above County Derry have been reported over the years. Ireland might not be the best known UFO hot spot, but like its neighbor the UK, the Emerald Isle has seen more than its fair share of close encounters over the … Continue reading