Ruins of Lost City May be Linked to Biblical King David

As time goes by, clues left by the past slowly disappears or becomes harder to utilize. One can’t help but wonder if science had progressed faster if we might have been able to solve more past mysteries. via Unexplained-Mysteries: Did King David actually exist ? The ruins of a city dating back 3,000 years have rekindled the debate over whether … Continue reading

Israel’s Deceptive Talking Points on Gaza Protesters Murders Exposed

Even before the protest began, Israeli spokespeople framed it preemptively as a Hamas production, even though it was supported by Gaza civil society organizations and all political parties. Civilian Gazans’ willingness to walk to that fence measures their yearning to express themselves as humans and claim their freedom, even at immediate risk. In 1988 at the gates of Jerusalem’s Old … Continue reading

Taped Interviews Reveal Israel Planned to Detonate Nuclear Bomb in 1967 War

A prominent US think tank is claiming that in 1967, Israel hastily made plans to set off an atomic bomb if it appeared they would not emerge victorious from the Six Day War. The plan, codenamed “Operation Shimshon (Sampson),” was to detonate a nuclear weapon on top of a mountain on the Sinai Peninsula, and though the operation never got … Continue reading

New Search Efforts Begins to Find the Ark of the Covenant

Grab your bullwhip, spray on some snake repellent, put on your fedora and cue up the John Williams theme song … it’s time again to go hunting for the Lost Ark of the Covenant! The excavation will also make it possible to determine if there existed in the Judean mountains… a temple dedicated to the god Baal. In addition, the … Continue reading

New Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Discovered in Israel

Archaeologists have found a cave that once housed Dead Sea scrolls in a cliff in the Judean desert – the first such discovery in over 60 years. Israel’s Hebrew University said the ancient parchments were missing from the cave, and were probably looted by Bedouin people in the 1950s. Storage jars, fragments of a scroll wrapping, and a leather tying … Continue reading

Colin Powell Admits Existence of Israeli Nukes, but State Department Stays Silent

Israel has 200 nuclear weapons “all targeted on Tehran,” so Iran would not dare use a bomb even if it could make one, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said in a 2015 email, which has surfaced this week as part of a hacking scandal. Unknown hackers have compromised Powell’s Gmail account, and the whistleblower website DCLeaks posted a trove … Continue reading

Trade talks russia israel
Unexpected New Mates? Russia May Soon Ink Free Trade Pact With Israel

Moscow and Tel Aviv are planning to sign a free trade agreement in the near future, Russian Deputy Agriculture Minister Sergey Levin told journalists on Friday. “Such decisions aim at maximizing cooperation between Russia and Israel in terms of agriculture and new technologies; creation of joint ventures, as well as the prospects of a free trade zone agreement which the … Continue reading

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